NFL Picks: Seattle Seahawks Season Win Totals in Double-Digits While Topping Super Bowl 50 Outright Winner's Market

Nikki Adams

Sunday, May 10, 2015 3:21 PM UTC

Sunday, May. 10, 2015 3:21 PM UTC

Hot Off The NFL Odds Press: Season Win Totals are in and they tip the Seattle Seahawks to hit the double-digits. Will the Hawks live up to these pre-season expectations? 

Seattle Seahawks Top Favourites
Although the NFL season is a good four months away from kicking off, early NFL futures are already up across various sports betting platforms, from Super Bowl winning odds, Conference winning odds, Division winning odds to Season Win Totals odds... and much, much more. NFL bettors have plenty to sink their teeth into.

Seattle Seahawks are poised to enter the 2015-2016 NFL season as the  team to beat in outright win markets. They are matched as the +450 favourites to win Super Bowl 50, a good distance ahead of second favourites Green Bay Packers and reigning champions New England Patriots (See Table 1 for a comprehensive Super Bowl 50 Odds serving).

This favouritism extends to winning the NFC Championship, where they are priced as the top faves at +275. As well, winning the NFC West at firm -275 NFL odds (Table 2) with projected season totals tipped at 11 for the season ( Table 3).

Given how convincing their account was last season and, by contrast, how the rest of the NFC West struggled to make an impact, it's no surprise that the Seahawks return as the top faves.

In principle and reality, they are the team to beat in NFL betting markets.


Table 1: Super Bowl 50 Odds To Win Outright (Odds Courtesy of Bet365

Seattle Seahawks +450
Green Bay Packers +650
New England Patriots +800
Indianapolis Colts +1000
Denver Broncos +1200
Dallas Cowboys +1800
Philadelphia Eagles +1800
Baltimore Ravens +2200
Pittsburgh Steelers +2500
Kansas City Chiefs +2800
Arizona Cardinals +2800
Miami Dolphins +2800
Cincinnati Bengals +3000
New York Giants +3000
San Diego Chargers +3300
Detroit Lions +3300
Carolina Panthers +3300
Buffalo Bills +3300
New Orleans Saints +4000
St. Louis Rams +4000
San Francisco 49ers  +4000
Atlanta Falcons +4000
Minnesota Vikings +4000
Chicago Bears +4000
Houston Texans +5000
New York Jets +6600
Cleveland Browns +8000
Washington Redskins +15000
Tennessee Titans +15000
Oakland Raiders +17500
Jacksonville Jaguars +17500


2014-2015 In Review
The Seattle Seahawks finished the season behind a 12-4-0 mark and winning the NFC West Division title. The run of form included a 7-1 home record, 5-3 away record and a 5-1 record against divisional rivals. They also enjoyed a 10-2 record against Conference opposition.

Last year, the Seahawks entered the season as the defending champions and the slight favourites to win outright Super Bowl 49. Tale told, in the postseason they very nearly pulled off the repeat only for a dramatic loss to the New England Patriots in the Super Bowl game.


Conference Division Odds: 

NFL Conference Division Odds: NFC East

Dallas Cowboys +150
Philadelphia Eagles +150
NY Giants +333
Washington Redskins +1200


NFL Conference Division Odds: NFC North

Green Bay Packers -275
Detroit Lions +450
Minnesota Vikings +900
Chicago Bears +1000


NFL Conference Division Odds: NFC South

New Orleans Saints +200
Carolina Panthers +225
Atlanta Falcons +200
Tampa Bay Buccaneers +650


NFL Conference Division Odds: NFC West

Seattle Seahawks -275
Arizona Cardinals +650
St. Louis Rams +700
San Francisco 49ers +750


Seahawks Projected Season Win Totals
For the upcoming season, the Seahawks' projected win total is set to 11 games. A half-point higher than last season's 10.5-mark, which they crossed behind the 12-4-0 record on the season and helped Over bettors on their NFL picks to cash. 

Table 3 below highlights the projected win totals for all the teams in the National Football Conference.


National Football Conference Projected Season Win Totals (Odds Courtesy of WestGate LV Sportsbook)

NFC East Odds: Projected Season Win Totals 

Dallas Cowboys 9.5
Philadelphia Eagles 9.5
NY Giants 8
Washington Redskins 6


NFC North Odds: Projected Season Win Totals 

Green Bay Packers 11
Detroit Lions 8.5
Minnesota Vikings 7
Chicago Bears 7


NFC South Odds: Projected Season Win Totals 

New Orleans Saints 9
Carolina Panthers 8.5
Atlanta Falcons 8
Tampa Bay Buccaneers 6


NFC West Odds: Projected Season Win Totals

Seattle Seahawks 11
Arizona Cardinals 8.5
St. Louis Rams 8
San Francisco 49ers 7.5


Not even a football stitch has caressed the luscious fields in stadiums around the country, with the entire league on a much deserved vacation. Camps, training, NFL preseason are all still before us. What's more, we don't know much about the teams and how they're going to take shape over the summer. We have an idea about some of the core players, but not enough about the rest of the bench, be they veterans or rookies from the NFL draft. Then, there's always the dreaded pre-season injury bug that could hit just about any player out of nowhere and which could have a significant impact on the team's overall NFL betting outlook for the season.

What we do have is last season as a bench mark. As well, the run of form of each and every team over the last five years, which we've put together in a handy table (Table 4) for your consideration.


NFC Season Win-Loss-Tie Record Last 5 Years


2014-15 2013-14 2012-13 2011-12 2011-12



Cowboys 12-4-0 8-8-0 8-8-0 8-8-0 6-10-0 8.4
Eagles 10-6-0 10-6-0 4-12-0 8-8-0 10-6-0 8.4
Giants 6-10-0 7-9-0 9-7-0 9-7-0 10-6-0 8.2
Redskins 4-12-0 3-13-0 10-6-0 5-11-0 6-10-0 5.6



Packers 12-4-0 8-7-1 11-5-0 15-1-0 10-6-0 11.2
Lions 11-5-0 7-9-0 4-12-0 10-6-0 6-10-0 7.6
Vikings 7-9-0 5-10-1 10-6-0 13-3-0 6-10-0 6.2
Bears 5-11-0 8-8-0 10-6-0 8-8-0 11-5-0 8.4



Saints 7-9-0 11-5-0 7-9-0 13-3-0 11-5-0 9.8
Panthers 7-8-1 12-4-0 7-9-0 6-10-0 2-14-0 6.8
Falcons 6-10-0 4-12-0 13-3-0 10-6-0 13-3-0 9.2
Buccaneers 2-14-0 4-12-0 7-9-0 4-12-0 10-6-0 5.4



Seahawks 12-4-0 13-3-0 11-5-0 7-9-0 7-9-0 10
Cardinals 11-5-0 10-6-0 5-11-0 8-8-0 5-11-0 7.8
Rams 6-10-0 7-9-0 7-8-1 2-14-0 7-9-0 5.8
49ers 8-8-0 12-4-0 11-4-0 13-3-0 6-10-0 10


As the above table shows, the Seahawks have averaged 10 wins over the last five years. The NFL Odds 11 win total set for this season is, therefore, higher than their five-year average. However, it's worth noting that it's in tune to their form of the last three years since Russell Wilson's advent. In the last three years, they've averaged 12 wins a season, with their highest win total coming the year they won Super Bowl 48.

Obviously, the Seahawks are one of the stronger teams in the NFL. But they've also got what appears to be one of the toughest schedules of the entire 32-team field this season with an opponent win percentage of 0.559 (fourth hardest overall) that includes some of the toughest challenges in the early weeks.

Let's not forget, the NFC West is also one of the toughest divisions in the NFL. With six games on the line there the Seahawks will have their work cut out for them to coming through as the top NFL pick in the NFC West and, even, on the 11-win total projection. 

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