NFL Picks: Seattle Seahawks Futures Update

Jordan Sharp

Tuesday, July 8, 2014 8:20 PM UTC

Tuesday, Jul. 8, 2014 8:20 PM UTC

The Super Bowl champions from the 2013 NFL season have seen their NFL Odds drop a lot over the last six to eight weeks, and if you still like Seattle to win this season, it might be a good time to strike.

Super Bowl (+550)
Although these NFL Odds from bet365 have dropped significantly since the end of last season, the Seahawks are still the outright favorite betting pick to win the Super Bowl once again. Even though we haven’t seen a repeat Super Bowl champion since 2005, it does seem as if the Seahawks are set up to compete to do just that, however they have lost several key defenders from last season, and the rest of their division and conference are both getting a lot tougher.

It would be great if the Seahawks were in the AFC where the only other contenders seem to be the Patriots and Broncos. As it stands, the Seahawks not only play in the tougher conference, but arguably the toughest division in that conference. I think it’s safe to say we might see a slight regression from the 13 wins Seattle brought home in the regular season in 2013, but that may be enough to be a wildcard team this season.

NFC (+300)
While the Hawks’ Super Bowl odds from Bet365 may be a little undervalued, their NFL Odds to win the NFC are anything but. At 3/1, there are several other teams that could challenge the Seahawks for the conference this season, and they all have much better NFL Odds. Their divisional rival the 49ers (+400) are just one of the teams, while the Packers (+800) and Saints (+1000) are also both viable contenders for the NFC this season.

At +550, their price to win the Super Bowl is debatable, however with the offensive questions Seattle faces this season, I just can’t see myself getting excited about them winning the conference, let alone repeating as champions.

NFC West (+110)
Right now the 49ers and Seahawks are priced very similarly to win the NFC West conference this season, as San Francisco comes in at +130. However while they may both still be two of the best defensive teams in the NFL, it seems as if the 49ers have surpassed the Seahawks in offensive prowess. Last season the Niners were without Crabtree for almost the entire season, and with the exodus of Golden Tate to Detroit, it leaves Seattle without another credible receiver to open up space for Percy Harvin. Doug Baldwin looks like he will be the first to get a chance to make a name for himself alongside Harvin.

The running game has less of a concern, however unlike in San Francisco where if Frank Gore goes down they have young options, if Marshawn Lynch were to go down with an injury for a long period of time, the Seattle running game may take a steep decline. Robert Turbin and Christine Michael are the backs right behind Beast Mode, and neither of them impressed in 2013. Obviously there is no problem if Lynch goes for another 1500 all-purpose yards this season and plays all 16+ games, however if he or Harvin were to go down, I fear the Hawks may be in for more of a decline.

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