NFL Picks: Seahawks, Packers & Broncos Priced to High?

Jordan Sharp

Tuesday, April 9, 2013 6:28 PM UTC

Tuesday, Apr. 9, 2013 6:28 PM UTC

Which NFL teams do we feel are priced too high and not worth being added to our NFL picks?

The future NFL odds to win the next Super Bowl have been out and changing for some time now. There is always value emerging in the offseason, even though the games are far from being played. Let’s take a look at the three most overvalued NFL teams this offseason.

Find out who we rank as the most undervalued teams.

Seahawks 9/1

Believe it or not, the Seattle Seahawks were even more overvalued before they were 9/1, but the market has done some correcting since March. Seattle has some questions coming into the season. They have answered some, like acquiring Percy Harvin, but there are other questions and concerns.

For starters, the deepest most any player on the team has gone in the playoffs was last season, when they were knocked out by a late comeback by the Falcons in the divisional round. Plus, Pete Carroll is still a young NFL coach, and I just don’t think they are ready to knock out the 49ers, a team that went to the NFC Title game two seasons ago, and lost in the Super Bowl this past February.

On top of all that, the dreaded sophomore slump is almost certainly coming for Russell Wilson. It has happened to almost every sophomore quarterback that was drafted in the last five season, and Wilson seems like the most likely of the candidates to regress next season. Marshawn Lynch isn’t getting any younger, and no matter how good the defense is, I can’t see it this season. I think they need another few years to grow, and for that reason we are not backing them with our NFL picks.

Packers 12/1

12/1 seems like a bargain for a team that has won a Super Bowl somewhat recently, but I’m here to tell you to stay away. The NFC North is going to be just as good if not better this season, and the Packers still lack consistency in their running game and on defense. Even though I think they should win the NFC North, I can’t see the Packers advancing very far this season. They lost Greg Jennings, and when they resign Aaron Rodgers, it is going to put a hit on their cap.

Broncos 15/2

Some of you might think I’m crazy for saying the Denver Broncos are overvalued, and I may just be. But let’s think about this shall we? Peyton Manning is still just 9-11 in his career in the postseason. He concluded his eighth one and done playoff run last season when the Broncos lost to the Ravens, and if you take away his Super Bowl year in 2006, that postseason record drops to 5-11. 

Plus, even though they have made some solid signings, they lost Elvis Dumervil to the Ravens, and there are still some questions in their running game, which featured a 31 year-old (he’ll turn 32 during the season) last year who just so happened to tear his MCL and break his leg late in the season. See where I’m going with this? While I expect them to run away with the AFC West and maybe even make the AFC Title game, they have too many unproven commodities and question marks to lay money on them to win the Super Bowl.
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