NFL Picks: Seahawks Are NFC Favorites, but Which Teams Deserve Your Picks?

Jordan Sharp

Sunday, February 22, 2015 6:14 PM UTC

Sunday, Feb. 22, 2015 6:14 PM UTC

After back to back NFC Championships and one Super Bowl win, the Seattle Seahawks are once again heavy NFL Odds favorites to win the NFC for a third year running. However there are multiple questions remaining for everyone, but Bovada still has future odds for the NFC.

Seattle Seahawks (+350)
Even though Seattle could not prevail in the final moments of Super Bowl 49, they are still going to be a good team in the NFC in 2015. There are some questions regarding Marshawn Lynch and retirement, but that seems unlikely considering Lynch is signed for one more season. He would be forgoing a $5 million base salary with a $2 million roster bonus in the upcoming season. Lynch is probably just emotional after the tough loss on the biggest stage. Wouldn’t you want to retire after they called a pass play on the two-yard line?


Green Bay Packers (+425)
However right behind the Seahawks are the Packers, who probably could have made it to the Super Bowl if it wasn’t for a horrific collapse in the NFC Title Game. They probably have almost as bad of a taste in their mouths as the Seahawks do, so games between those teams might be pretty intriguing next season if there is one. At their price in the NFL odds to win the NFC, they are the only team anywhere close to the Seahawks. Plus, they are going to have some cap room this offseason. It could be a good bet heading into the unknown of the offseason to place a wager on the Packers.


Dallas Cowboys (+700)
Dallas is on the rise, but according to the sportsbooks they are the beginning of tier two in the NFC at +700. Dallas has a tough offseason ahead of them, and I think that’s part of the reason they aren’t a little bit better in the NFL Odds. The uncertainty in the free agency of Dez Bryant and DeMarco Murray is going to be tricky for the Cowboys, and while they could say goodbye to both, they could keep both if they get creative with some of their cuts both before and after June 1st. They are probably going to try and renegotiate Tony Romo’s contract as well to free up some money. Keep them in mind for your NFL picks in the meantime.


San Francisco 49ers (+1000)
I for one am pretty confused why the 49ers are so high in the NFL Odds currently. While they should probably be a top six or seven favorite in the NFC, personally I would not have them ranked above the Eagles or Saints, and maybe even the Cardinals as well. A new head coach promoted from the same toxic regime isn’t going to help much in the tough NFC West division, and even thought the NFC might be down this season compared to last, the Niners still have the problem of figuring out what happened to Colin Kaepernick.


Philadelphia Eagles (+1200)
The fifth place team in the NFC according to the NFL Odds is the Eagles, who have a great team outside of one big issue; they don’t really have a quarterback. The Eagles have been rumored around moving up to draft Marcus Mariota, but they would have to give up a ton to get into the top five or six. There is probably a lot of debate about that considering how much it cost the Redskins (both in picks and with how bad they missed) to move up to draft Robert Griffin III.  However if indeed the Eagles are able to land Mariota, even though he is a rookie who hasn’t played a game, Philly might be jumping the 49ers in the NFC Odds. 

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