NFL Picks: San Francisco 49ers Future Odds Update

Jordan Sharp

Wednesday, May 15, 2013 6:59 PM UTC

Wednesday, May. 15, 2013 6:59 PM UTC

Could this be the season that the 49ers finally get over the hump and win that elusive Super Bowl ring? A lot of people seem to think so, and so do the sportsbooks.

The NFL futures odds at Bet365 have the 49ers as the outright favorites to win the NFC and the Super Bowl. A lot of things have to go right for this team for them to win it all, but they can do it. So is there value with the favorites?

Super Bowl (+600)

If there was a bet in the offseason to take, this might be the one. Could the third time be the charm for this NFC West darling? The 49ers are priced appropriately in the future odds and at some books the Broncos are co-favorites with the Niners. However I’d say 75% of the sportsbooks right now have the Niners as the outright favorites. Last season they were wll over 10/1 to win the Super Bowl at this point in the offseason, but they quickly went up the ladder. Along with a few other teams to round out the bet, the 49ers can and will be at the center of my future odds betting this offseason. 6/1 is a nice return on a team like the 49ers. However, can we find the same value putting them in our NFC NFL picks?

NFC (+350)

The NFC is going to be really tight and the odds suggest that. At most sportsbooks this offseason there are four clear contenders for the NFC crown, and although I know it’s odd of me to suggest the 49ers as Super Bowl winners and not for the NFC crown, there is just not that much incentive at +350 in a future odds bet. However if you really like the 49ers this season to win the NFC, I suggest following a similar betting strategy with hedging the 49ers with single unit bets on the Packers and Falcons. I personally don’t see a whole lot of value with the Seahawks right now, and that is why I intentionally left them out of this fictitious bet. A 6-unit bet with four units on the 49ers would generate a nice 14-unit profit if San Francisco returned to the Super Bowl. Plus if the Packers made it you would push, and if the Falcons won the NFC you would still have a small profit.

NFC future bet example

49ers +350- 4 units to win 14

Packers +600- 1 unit to win 6

Falcons +750- 1 unit to win 7.5

My Take

Although I’m not quite ready to pull the trigger on bets like the one above, I am convinced that they might look something like that in the coming months. The 49ers have all of what it takes to win the NFC and the Super Bowl, and I’ll be unveiling more of these potential bets when the season gets closer. However if you are ready now, the 49ers present some nice value in the future odds this offseason.

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