NFL Picks: Peter Loshak's Premium Parlay

Peter Loshak

Sunday, November 10, 2013 12:30 PM UTC

Sunday, Nov. 10, 2013 12:30 PM UTC

For my NFL Premium Parlay for Week 10, I pared it down a bit, and will go with just a 2-teamer, both totals.

This week I was all ready to jump on both the Atlanta Falcons and the Miami Dolphins, until I talked with Brent from BetDSI and the professional handicappers in my game preview videos, and I decided against both.

I previewed the Miami/Tampa Bay game with Troy West from, and he made a great case for taking Miami. The Dolphins are off of a bit of extra rest, and may be rallying in response to their off-field issues, while Tampa Bay’s psychological problems are looking more fundamental, centered around the coaching style of Greg Schiano.

But, when I spoke to Brent from BetDSI, he singled out that game as being one with a notable sharp/public split, with the public on Miami and the sharps actually backing Tampa Bay.

Then I previewed the Seattle/Tampa Bay game with Stephen Oh from, and I was expecting him to say Atlanta as a sizable home underdog has some value. But to my surprise, he said he likes Seattle minus the points, and then when I brought that game up in my call with Brent, Brent told me that the only sharp action he took on the game was also on Seattle.

And I almost included the Over in the Denver/San Diego game. Denver is of course 8-0 over/under on the year, and the public has pounded the over in every Denver game this year, and the sharps have at times as well. And I previewed the game with Scott Kellen from, and he also backed the over.

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Scott has a great ATS record with us this year, as well as a decade-long track record of success in the NFL, and he does often give “contrarian” opinions in our calls. But on the Denver game, he was right in line with how most of the rest of us are probably thinking.

I decided against including it in the parlay though, because Brent told me that while in past weeks he has seen sharp action come in on Denver overs, this week he hasn’t seen any, which to me is somewhat telling, so I decided to leave it out.

This week’s parlay includes two NFL picks: the total in the Houston/Arizona game that Troy West and I are in solid agreement on, and also another total that I personally liked at the opening number, and that Brent also confirmed was a sharp side as well.

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