NFL Picks: NFC North Division NFL Futures Betting

Jordan Sharp

Thursday, May 9, 2013 7:21 PM UTC

Thursday, May. 9, 2013 7:21 PM UTC

This season, although there is one clear favorite, should prove to be a bit more competitive than what the books are putting out in the NFL future odds.

NFC North future odds update

The NFC North is almost always a very well rounded division when it comes to competition.  Let’s take a brief look at each team, and decide what kind of value is emerging out of these teams this season.

Green Bay Packers (+1200 Super Bowl, +600 NFC)

The Packers are the clear favorite to win this division in the NFL Odds . Green Bay had an outstanding offseason, and it looks like it might pay off with a much better season than the last one. Green Bay didn’t have a whole lot to do in free agency, and they have probably the best draft of any team in the league this past April. They still might be a little light in the secondary, but when you have Aaron Rodgers, you can make up for a small lack of defense. The Packers have solid value this offseason, and they are another team I think at 6/1 to win the NFC has a lot of value. I think everyone is so caught up with how good the top two teams in the NFC West are, they have forgotten how good the Packers really are, and how good they can be.

Chicago Bears (+2800 Super Bowl, +1400 NFC)

The Bears are another one of those perennially overvalued teams in the NFL future odds, but they seem pretty close to where they should be when it comes to offseason price. The Bears are going into this season with a new head coach and system, and no Brian Urlacher to lead the defense either. Although they are normally pretty overvalued, I think the Bears might be a sneaky good team this season. They still have really good personnel, and they could very easily be one of the wildcard playoff teams as well. We will have to wait and see for some of it, but I do like the Bears as a good tail when the season opens.

Minnesota Vikings (+5000 Super Bowl, +2500 NFC)

The Vikings have gone all in for the next few seasons, and I think they deserve to be recognized. The way Bet365 has them ranked in their NFL future odds, the Vikings are going to be a nice value tail heading into the season. They had 3 first round picks who can come in and contribute, and they also have that one guys named AP. They brought in Greg Jennings also, and they have definitely improved their defense from last season. If these future odds are a story of what is to come from this team value-wise in the future, I really like the Vikings this season in the game odds.

Detroit Lions (+4000 Super Bowl, +2500 NFC)

Lions, much like the Bears are seemingly overvalued all the time, and it didn’t stop this offseason. The Lions are somehow less of a favorite in the Super Bowl odds to the Vikings, yet Detroit will most likely be worse than them once again. Sure the Reggie Bush signing is awesome, but the Lions are still going to be a below average defense, and that doesn’t serve well in this division. The Lions are a sell candidate to me. And for my NFL Picks, I will be fading them all the way to the bank in the regular season.

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