NFL Picks: NFC Futures Odds Update

Jordan Sharp

Saturday, May 9, 2015 8:49 PM UTC

Saturday, May. 9, 2015 8:49 PM UTC

The NFC should once again be the top tier of a couple teams, and then the field this season, and it should make for some valuable NFL Odds throughout the season. Here is a look at the top four teams according to Bet365 sportsbook for the NFC Championship. 

Seattle Seahawks +275
Seattle has enjoyed a nice offseason, and is warranted as being the number one team in the NFC futures as we head into rookie mini camps. The addition of Jimmy Graham is huge for this offense, and as long as the defense keeps doing its thing, NFL odds makers know that this team will go far. There is an issue though with that fact that their schedule is extremely tough, and if they don’t have home field advantage in the NFC playoffs, I think it affects them more than another one of the teams on this list. They have a great team, but they are going to needs at least 11 wins to compete for the number one overall seed.


Green Bay Packers +350
The Packers had a nice offseason, and even though they had some turnover, they still look like the only other team in the top tier of the NFC right now. With brining back Randall Cobb and Bryan Bulaga this offense doesn’t have as many questions as it did going into the offseason. On top of that, they were able to retain B.J. Raji and Letroy Guion, giving them their run stuffers back. However I think the one thing that is keeping them from being closer to 3/1 and the Seahawks in the future odds were the losses in the secondary and line-backing core. Tramon Williams and Davon House are both gone, as are Brad Jones and A.J. Hawk. While they aren’t impossible to replace, I will need to see their defense on the field before making many more judgments.


Dallas Cowboys +900
It’s getting close to now or never time for the Cowboys, but even though they still have some question marks, this is going to still be one of the more dangerous teams in the NFC this season. However so far their offseason has gone pretty well. They had one of the better drafts in my opinion, and their offseason needs have almost all been met. The loss of DeMarco Murray is going to hurt, and this team needs to find a running back, but other than him and Henry Melton, in my opinion the rest of the guys they lost were, or are replaceable.

Philadelphia Eagles +900
The fact that the Eagles are also 9/1 is a little shocking, because even though I haven’t been as hard on them as some others here at Sportsbook Review, it’s going to be hard for this team to compete this year in my opinion. Those who place NFL picks know that they aren’t the best team in their division, and their quarterback situation scares me. I like Sam Bradford, but I don’t think he is going to have much success coming off another ACL injury. If EVERYTHING falls into place this season for this team, then I could see them competing for the division. However I think that may be a lot to ask of this team.

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