NFL Picks: NFC East Division NFL Futures Betting

Jordan Sharp

Tuesday, May 7, 2013 7:30 PM UTC

Tuesday, May. 7, 2013 7:30 PM UTC

Some of the most covered, and subsequently overvalued teams in the NFL are in the NFC East. Do the future odds for these four teams tell us anything about how they will be valued when the season comes around? Let’s take a look at all four teams, because one of them has to win the division.

New York Giants (+2000 Super Bowl, +1100 NFC)

The Giants go into the start of offseason activities still with plenty of questions, but despite all of the uncertainty, they are still the biggest favorite of all four teams in the NFC East. I guess when you win two Super Bowls you get the benefit of the doubt. However what if both Ahmad Bradshaw and Victor Cruz leave for greener pastures? What if Robert Griffin III is like Adrian Peterson coming back from a torn ACL? Do you see where I’m getting at with all the questions? The Giants are too unstable to be added to your NFL picks, and I do think they are slightly overvalued this season, although not by more than a few bucks.

Washington Redskins (+2800 Super Bowl, +1400 AFC)

Although they are eyeing a potential name change to something a bit less offensive, the Redskins have just one big question, how will RG3 heal from his knee injury? If you are rushing to your local guy to place a bet on the Skins to win the Super Bowl, you might be a bit foolish. I don’t think Griffin is going to be ready for Week 1, despite all of the hype. Plus the NFC is stacked right now and it would be hard for the Skins to make a run if RG3 isn’t fully healthy. I wouldn’t be opposed to a bet on the Skins to win the NFC East once those NFL odds come out, but I would really have to feel good about the health of Griffin’s knee. 

Dallas Cowboys (+2800 Super Bowl, +1400 AFC) 

The perennially overvalued Cowboys are exactly that this season. The Cowboys and their NFC East rival the Redskins both are dealing with significant cap hits because of their dealings in the un-capped season, and they have had their hands’ tied with trying to sign and deal. Last season the Cowboys were 6-10 ATS, and I can say everything except go and blindly fade Dallas in 2013. I don’t see them getting any better than 6-10 ATS or 8-8 SU, and They should definitely be much lower in the NFC future odds. If they make the playoffs I’ll be surprised. 

Philadelphia Eagles (+3300 Super Bowl, +1800 NFC)

At first glance it seems as if the Eagles are overvalued at these prices, but then again, how can we tell? They have a new head coach in Chip Kelly and they still have plenty of holes to fill. They most likely wont be in playoff contention, but by the time the season comes, they could be undervalued in a game-to-game scenario. They could surprise us this season, but they could also surprise us in more than one way, good or bad. The uncertainty makes them have no value at all as we stand today. 

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