NFL Picks: NFC Divisional NFL Future Odds & Picks

Jordan Sharp

Friday, June 7, 2013 6:02 PM UTC

Friday, Jun. 7, 2013 6:02 PM UTC

Let’s take a look at these NFL Odds courtesy of Bet365, and decide who are the best bets in the NFC. 

NFL Picks: NFC divisional future odds

For the last month, I have been going through all 32 teams in the NFL, along with their divisional future odds. After a month of leans, it’s time for my final picks to win the divisions. 

NFC East (Giants +210, Redskins +240, Cowboys +260, Eagles +333) 

The East should be the most competitive division in football this offseason, but does that make a bet in this division more or less valuable? I think it does both, but in this case, I think one of the underdogs is the best bet this season. The Giants at +210 are ok, but I see them having similar issues this year as they did a season ago. The Cowboys are the Cowboys, and the Eagles don’t have enough value at this point, so for me the choice is the Skins at +240. Robert Griffin III looks like he is on track to play in Week 1, and if they can get some of their other guys back from injury as well, this is going to be a deep and talented team on both sides of the ball. At +240, I think the price is right. 

My Pick: Redskins +240 for your NFL picks.

NFC North (Packers -162, Bears +375, Lions +550, Vikings +600) 

This is probably one of the divisions that you might want to hedge any bet you have with a smaller wager on an underdog, and that’s exactly what I’m doing here. I think the Packers will win this division, and at only -160, the value is there. However there is another team with a ton of value in these odds as well. The Lions are overvalued here, and I think because of their new head coach, the Bears might be a year away, but the Vikings almost won this division a year ago, and they have just gotten better this offseason. At +600, I am happy to hedge any bet with the Packers with a nice wager on the Vikings.

My Pick: (5 units) Packers -162 & (1 unit) Vikings +600 at Bet 365

NFC South (Falcons +125, Saints +162, Panthers +500, Bucs +650) 

The South should be a fight to the end, but in the end I think the Falcons will come away victorious. The Saints will likely still have some issues on defense, and the only real underdog value might be the Bucs. If you want to use a similar formula on this division as I did in the NFC North, go right ahead. However I feel confident that the Falcons’ offense is going to carry them right to another divisional crown. There is a reason they ran away with the division a year ago, and even though it wont be that way this season, I think there is still value in the Falcons here since they are not laying money. 

My Pick: Falcons +125 

NFC West (49ers -125, Seahawks +120, Rams +800, Cardinals +3000)

These NFL Odds are the ones I got from LVH Sportsbook in Las Vegas, and with this division, I think it’s quite obvious it’s a two-team race. The Cards are not going to be very good again, and even though I expect a ton of value from the Rams, I think they are still one or two seasons away from competing for the division. That leaves the Hawks and 49ers, and I can’t pick between the two. Bet365 has them virtually tied, and whilie I do like the 49ers, I think any bet on the Niners has to be hedged by the Seahawks. The formula is below. 

My Pick: (4 units) 49ers -125 & (3 units) Seahawks +120 for your sports picks.

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