NFL Picks: Mixing Up Your Football Betting in Week 2

Jordan Sharp

Wednesday, September 11, 2013 3:46 PM UTC

Wednesday, Sep. 11, 2013 3:46 PM UTC

This week we will mix up our NFL betting by looking at how to please the NFL odds for our Week 2 NFL Picks. Let's look at a couple of games that I really like.

Last week I published an article and video on how you can sometimes get away from strictly betting the spread and totals, and instead diversify by betting exotics like round robins, parlays and teasers. For Week 2, I have chosen to focus strictly on the pleaser. 

For those who don’t remember, a pleaser is a bet is also called a ‘reverse teaser’ and it’s where the bettor takes on more points to parlay together two or more spreads, giving a very lucrative payout. For this week, I have chosen a two-team pleaser for your NFL picks that pays out at +600. 

Saints (-3) -9

A six point pleaser would move the Saints from -3 road favorites to -9, and even though they would have to win by double figures to cover this bet, if they can jump out to an early lead, the Bucs will be helpless to come back. Tampa Bay looked awful last week in their passing game, and with the exception of some nice grabs by Vincent Jackson, their offense looked stale. Doug Martin carried the ball 24 times for only 65 yards in Tampa’s game against the Jets, and even though the Saints are a much softer defense, Martin won't be able to run much if his team is down by double figures the entire game.

New Orleans likely won’t try to run the ball much on the Bucs to begin with.  They already don’t have much of a running attack, and the Bucs are much too good at stopping ground games. Extra pass attempts could spell bad news against Tampa this week, and that’s why I think the Saints will win easily. All they have to do is hold Tampa to under 20 points, because the Saints’ offense should have no problems scoring. New Orleans has averaged over 34 points per game against the Bucs in their last three meetings.


Panthers (-2 ½) -8 ½

While their NFC South rival is beating up on another divisional rival, the Panthers will be in Buffalo taking on the Bills. Despite getting the loss last week at home to Seattle, the Panthers didn’t look bad, especially on defense. They held the Seahawks to 12 points and only 370 total yards of offense.

This week against the Bills, that defense has a much easier assignment, and if they showed anything last week and last season, it’s that whoever is under center, they can get pressure on them. The defensive end combo of Charles Johnson and Greg Hardy is going to rough up EJ Manuel in this game. Johnson had a sack on Russell Wilson last week, and last season those two racked up over 20 sacks on the season.


Other pleaser leans

Some other teams I have my eye on with pleasers this week are the Chargers who currently sit at +9 underdogs to the Eagles, and the Jaguars who are +5 ½ NFL Odds underdogs in Oakland.

The Chargers looked good until their collapse last week, and they could hold on against the Eagles on the road. However that is a west coast to east coast travel game, and that makes it not quite worthy of finding itself into any of my reverse teasers this week.

The Jags are in the exact same boat, but with Chad Henne under center this week, Jacksonville’s offense should be a little bit better than the Blaine Gabbert performance last week. Plus the Raiders have a ton of problems themselves this season.

My Pick: 2-team pleaser, Saints -9 and Panthers -8 ½ (+600)

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