NFL Picks: Maximize Your Super Bowl Betting Thrills With Manning QB Props

Nikki Adams

Tuesday, February 2, 2016 7:35 PM UTC

Tuesday, Feb. 2, 2016 7:35 PM UTC

Super Bowl 50 prop betting offers up a whole slew of betting options, including player props. In this space we look at quarterback props for Peyton Manning and serve up some NFL picks.

Super Bowl 50 Proposition Bets Worth Playing
With the infinite betting angles offered up by proposition bets they often can get out of hand. In this space, we look at some of the more sensible options available to NFL bettors to maximize their Super Bowl betting thrills. In short, not so much of the wacky and silly proposition bets such as how many Omaha’s Peyton Manning is going to shout or whether he’ll read a poem while announcing his retirement…and so on. Rather we look at more game-specific proposition bets for Peyton Manning and then back up our choice NFL picks with some good old-fashioned research. Of course, it’s not an exact science, so take our recommendations with a grain of salt.


Number of Touchdown Passes: Peyton Manning

O TD Passes       +200

1 TD Pass           +150

2 TD Passes       +275

3 TD Passes       +600

4 or More TD Passes      +2000

Peyton Manning’s regular season couldn’t be more un-Peyton Manning like, yet he’s through to Super Bowl 50, largely down to the solid Denver defense. For the first time in his career, the onus isn’t solely on his shoulders to win games with his arm. That takes much of the pressure off as he doesn’t have to average 4 TD passes a game now – or thereabouts as he was won’t to do in seasons past – and yields a rather unfamiliar NFL betting outlook for the Number of Touchdown Passes. En route to Super Bowl 50, Peyton Manning has scored just 11 TDs. In fact, he has more interceptions (17) than TDs. In the postseason he has just 2 TDS. Based on these numbers, the best NFL pick might be 1 TD pass at +150 NFL odds. However, the sentimentalist in us is hoping for a more Peyton-like performance in Super Bowl 50, so we’re taking a chance on 2 TD Passes at +275 NFL odds at Bovada.

NFL Pick: 2 TD Passes at +275


Total Touchdown Passes Peyton Manning

OVER 1 ½ (-105)

UNDER 1 ½ (-125)

This market is not unlike the above market but it gives more wiggle room for those NFL bettors that would rather not lock down just one option by predicting the exact number. It’s clear the market is taking a page from Peyton Manning’s season and low offensive stats, favoring the UNDER 1 ½. We’re of the mind that Manning will enjoy a much better Super Bowl 50 than most would have it and, as such, we’re banking on the OVER 1 1/2 on our Super Bowl picks.

NFL Pick: OVER 1 ½ (-105)


What Will Peyton Manning do First?

Throw a Touchdown Pass           -115

Throw an Interception                -115

The options are trading on -115 Super Bowl odds here for good reason. Inconsistent play from Peyton Manning plus a 1-2 record in Super Bowl play – the last of which was rather dismal – has this a complete tossup. Then there is the 17 interceptions thrown this season that has punters worried. However, he’s had ZERO interceptions thus far in the postseason. It’s a big occasion and there will be some nerves, but we’re giving the Sheriff are vote of confidence and going with the TD.

NFL Picks: Throw a Touchdown Pass -115

Total Rushing Yards Peyton Manning

Over ½ (+160)

Under ½ (-200)

Peyton Manning isn’t exactly known for his rushing attempts in a game, but ½ a yard seems to be just rubbing our noses in it. Didn’t Peyton Manning rush for 12 yards against the Patriots for a first down in the AFC Conference game? It might be a new wrinkle to his repertoire for Super Bowl 50. This is an NFL pick too good to pass up, don’t you think?

NFL Pick: OVER ½ +160


Total Interceptions Thrown Peyton Manning

OVER ½ (-225)

UNDER ½ (+185)

Much has been made of the 17 interceptions Peyton Manning threw during the regular season. That he didn’t throw any in two games en route to the Super Bowl is encouraging, but it’s not helped towards this particular market as he’s favored to throw at least one interception in the game. On the whole, that makes a lot of sense given the magnitude of the occasion and the nerves that are sure to play a factor.

NFL Pick: OVER ½ (-225)


Total Pass Attempts Peyton Manning

OVER 35 ½ (-125)

UNDER 35 ½ (-105)

In 12 games played this season, Peyton Manning has made 400 pass attempts which yields a 33.33 pass attempt per game on average. That’s a touch lower than the market line currently trading for this game. In the two post season games played, he’s gone for 69 pass attempts for an average of 34.5 pass attempts per game. Once again, it’s lower than the current line trading.

NFL Pick: UNDER 35 ½ (-105)

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