NFL Picks: Live Superbowl Odds Updates

Jordan Sharp

Sunday, February 3, 2013 3:00 PM UTC

Sunday, Feb. 3, 2013 3:00 PM UTC

Welcome to Superbowl Sunday! We have gobs of different Superbowl Picks for the game today, including many different prop options. Tune in to stay ahead of the odds!

Super Bowl XLVII Twitter report

Welcome to Super Bowl weekend! We here at SBR have tons of different NFL Picks on today's big game, and to help guide your way throughout, yours truly will be live tweeting both in game Superbowl betting odds, as well as all of our prop betting options as they happen in real time.

Also, don’t only log on for the updates on odds and prop bets, join the conversation! We will be giving out follows and retweets all throughout the game, as well as posing trivia and questions/polls for followers.

You can bet on almost anything these days in the Super Bowl. You can bet anything from if Beyoncé will be showing cleavage in the first song, to who will score the first touchdown. From start to finish, you can get all the live in-game betting odds updates between the Ravens and 49ers on Twitter from us.

It looks as if the 49ers are going to close as -4 favorites for the actual spread with a total of 47 ½ points. Last year, over $93 million was wagered in Las Vegas casinos, along with countless other millions in other sportsbooks around the globe. This year, the over/under prop bet for the amount wagered in Vegas was again around $90 million.


Whatever is your favorite way to wager on the Super Bowl, whether it is a Straight Superbowl pick, office pool or exotic prop bets, follow Sportsbook Review daily!

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