NFL Picks: Jacksonville Jaguars NFL Futures Betting

Jordan Sharp

Monday, May 6, 2013 7:29 PM UTC

Monday, May. 6, 2013 7:29 PM UTC

We here in the United States love an underdog, but there is almost nothing to love about the Jaguars, or their NFL future odds. What can bettors expect from the Jaguars this season?


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Jacksonville comes in as the 32nd ranked team in the future odds this season, and with every small glimmer of hope, there is thirty times that in clouded questions. However, out of all the darkness, I may have found where the Jags will have value this season. 

Super Bowl (+15,000) 

Their value is absolutely not in betting them to win the Super Bowl. You might as well throw your money in the nearest garbage can or light it on fire. Jacksonville is actively making things better though, and I do expect them to at least show some signs of getting it right. They of course still have one of the best and most underappreciated running backs in the league in Maurice Jones-Drew. With new head coach Gus Bradley in place, Jacksonville seems to be making the right strides. Obviously they are a bit undervalued here, but no where near enough to bet them to win the Super Bowl

AFC (+6600)

Keep your pants on here as well, people, the Jags are also the biggest underdog in the AFC as well. However let’s get into that shall we? The two teams priced right above them in the AFC future odds are the Raiders at 50/1 and the Bills at 45/1. Could the Jags be better than those two teams this season? They absolutely could. Of all the Jags’ draft picks and free agent signings this offseason, over 2/3 of them have been defensive players. One of the big exceptions to that however was their first overall selection of Luke Joekel to protect a quarterback that was sacked a ton of times last season. Defense and running the ball could lead to good things. 

My Take 

Although I’m going to fall short of saying that the Jaguars are going to win anything this season, I do see them having value in some places. I do think they are undervalued slightly in the future odds, which normally means they’ll be undervalued once the season comes around.

There is one bet this season that I think will cash with great frequency, and that’s the under. The Jags’ defense will almost certainly be better than it was a year ago where they gave up 141 rushing yards per game. They have made some great strides on defense this offseason, and I think they will be at least average or above average on that side of the ball. 

On top of their defense being better, their offense is still going to suck! They are not going to pass much and they will likely try and feature a heavy dose of Jones-Drew running and catching short screens. Low scores are going to happen in Jacksonville this season, so make sure you jump on board with your NFL picks, because I think it will start in the preseason. The Jags are going to want to try to win quick and defensive football games this season.

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