NFL Picks: How to Find Value in Super Bowl Exotic Props?

Jordan Sharp

Tuesday, January 27, 2015 3:16 PM UTC

Tuesday, Jan. 27, 2015 3:16 PM UTC

When it’s Super Bowl season, it’s also prop-betting season in the NFL Odds, and one big source of revenue, or losses for the sportsbooks comes from prop betting. But are exotic props like the O/U of the National Anthem profitable for your NFL Picks? 

Exotic Props Explained
Sportsbooks put out hundreds of different exotic props during the Super Bowl, and in short an exotic is any prop that basically has nothing to do with the game being played on the field. While it may sometimes have to do with a player or coach, it will have nothing to do with any real stats.

I did an article on exotic props last week and I advise you to check it out. In it I handicapped the total for the National Anthem sung by Idina Menzel. The total is two minutes one second, and I researched and found that four of the last six have gone under the total. You can probably wager at any sportsbook the number of times Deflate-Gate will be mentioned, and there is always a prop on what the color of the Gatorade will be that’s dumped on the winning coach. However while there is an abundance of props, the question of whether they are profitable is more complicated.

Compare Current Super Bowl Prop Betting Odds Market Offerings

So Many Props
The key to winning at prop betting during Super Bowl 49 will be research. The sportsbooks put out hundred, if not thousands of different props. If you can think of something to bet on, the books probably have some NFL Odds for it. However with hundred or thousands of props to keep track of, some of them fall by the wayside. The books aren’t going to be able to have enough resources to watch these NFL Odds for the exotic props like they do for the spread or total.

One of the reasons for this is that some sportsbooks will have a much smaller limit on how much you can bet on a prop versus a bet on the spread or total for the game. They do this because they would go out of business. Someone who researches one or two props might be on an even playing field with the book, or at an advantage. Probably the best advice I can give you is to research and find a hole in one of the props.

The sportsbooks are betting, even banking on the fact that most people who bet exotic or entertainment props are window or impulse shoppers. They see a line, they laugh or smile, and either move on or bet the max. This is exactly what the books want you to do! Don’t be an impulse buyer when it comes to betting props this weekend. Take your time, find the right spots for you, and kill the books that way. The sportsbooks are going to make a ton of money this weekend one way or another, and we’ll probably know more about that later in the week when we are able to have more lines makers on here at Sportsbook Review.

When it comes to exotic props, it’s like any game prop or regular season prop; find the value and make your NFL pick.

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