NFL Picks: Green Bay Packers NFL Futures Betting

Jordan Sharp

Thursday, May 9, 2013 6:49 PM UTC

Thursday, May. 9, 2013 6:49 PM UTC

Green Bay is never a team to sleep on, and now they seemingly come into this season as solid favorites to win the NFC North, and very good NFL future odds to win a trophy.

Green Bay Packers future odds update

Is there value with the Packers this season? Or do the books want us to take the enticing odds they have on the Packers winning the Super Bowl?

Super Bowl (+1200)

This might be a steal or a sucker bet. It realistically looks like the Packers have a chance at another Super Bowl this season, but the NFC is as tough as chewing nails and the Packers might still have exploitable weaknesses. In my eyes I like where the Pack sit right now, and I would not fault anyone for taking them to win both the NFC and the Super Bowl. You can honestly believe what I’m telling you right now, because I’m also a self proclaimed Bears fan. I instinctually want to crap on the Packers, but I find little to crap on about this team this season. A tough NFC is the only thing standing in their way from getting back to the Super Bowl this season.

NFC (+600)

This is where the value is for the Packers in the future odds this offseason, so if you’re weary about them at 12/1, this might be the NFL Pick for you. A Packers versus Patriots Super Bowl might be an interesting matchup next February, and because of the Seahawks and 49ers getting so much love, the Packers are flying well under the radar this offseason. They had the best draft of any team in the NFL, snatching Eddie Lacy in the 2nd round and netting seven total players in the first five rounds. They didn’t have much of a free agent to-do list and they have seemingly completed it. While the 49ers and Seahawks have turnover and young quarterbacks, a seasoned veteran could be the bet to take to win the NFC, and of all the teams in the NFC, the Packers have the best odds to win the conference, I’m taking more than a small nibble on the Packers +600 in the future odds this offseason, and I suggest you do too.

My Take

As a Bears fan it sickens me to root for the Packers, but the top two teams in the NFC future odds are both unproven for the most part. The 49ers lost in the Super Bowl and the Seahawks haven’t done anything yet and everyone is crowning them. The Packers are way undervalued in the NFL Odds.

The Packers did exactly what they needed to do this offseason. They had three things on their list and they accomplished all of them with flying colors.

They drafted two solid running backs, Lacy from Alabama Jonathon Franklin from UCLA. Both of those guys will be able to help out James Starks in a three man running attack. They improved their pass rush by drafting Datone Jones in the first round, and they made it a priority to improve their offensive line. They resigned Adam Dietrich-Smith and they drafted two offensive linemen with their first two picks in the 4th round.

All I have to say is, you can get overvalue prices on those NFC West teams, or you can go with a proven commodity in the Packers.

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