NFL Picks: Free Agency & Trade Updates

Jordan Sharp

Tuesday, April 16, 2013 7:59 PM UTC

Tuesday, Apr. 16, 2013 7:59 PM UTC

With the NFL draft only a little more than a week away, teams are all but done signing free agents and now all of the chatter in the league is about trade possibilities. What is the latest news coming out of the NFL?

I expect the talk and chatter to heat up as we get into next week, and I could definitely see some pre-draft trades happening any day now. Let’s take a look at some of the ones that have already happened, and the proposed ones.

Darrelle Revis; clear and paid

The saga surrounding one of the game’s best cornerbacks coming back from injury and on the trading block has been an up and down story over the last few months. The Jets apparently want three picks including the Bucs’ 13th overall pick in exchange for the still-recovering Revis.

Both sides have been firing off shots in the media recently, but ultimately when it comes down to it, the Jets will fold eventually. The Bucs traded Aquib Talib late last season and they are in desperate need of a corner. Revis is the type of player that could make the Bucs’ secondary go from good to great, and I think all sides involved realize that.

However giving up a first, third and fifth round pick (if that is indeed the deal being discussed) for one player coming off a torn ACL seems kind of foolish to some. I personally believe the price is too high, but the Bucs put themselves in this position when they traded Talib. Tampa isn’t as bad as the future odds project. They might be a sleeper team this season, even though I don’t expect them to in any way make the playoffs this season. I could see them being very undervalued in a game-to-game situation, especially if Revis makes the trip down to sunny Florida.

In the end, I think the deal will get done. Even though it seems luke warm right now at best, I believe a deal will be done in the next week. A Revis trade would make Tampa’s secondary one of the best in the NFC. Looking at who is in their division, I’d say making that a strong point of your defense is a smart move. Revis was just cleared to start running and other such football activities, and it appears as if his recovery from surgery is on the downhill.

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Draft pick trades

One of the more likely trades we will see either before, leading up or even during the draft are pick trades. There are always teams trying to move up, but the bad teams from last season are always waiting for the deal that wows them before they think about trading a really high pick. Remember how much the Redskins had to give up to get up to #2 to take Robert Griffin III, or even how much the Falcons had to give up to get Julio Jones two drafts ago? 

I think the Chiefs are locked into #1. They need a left tackle, and Luke Joekel seems like the consensus #1. Then we get to #2, which is the Jacksonville Jaguars. The Jags need a whole lot of everything. They need help rushing the passer, they need help in their secondary, and some think they need to part ways with Blaine Gabbert already and take a quarterback. Apparently they have narrowed it down to two players, and event though that’s fine, I think they should trade the pick. There are a ton of teams that might give them a package worth taking.

The Saints currently are in the 15th slot and you best believe they might try to move up of the right player starts to fall or is still on the board at a certain point. The Rams have a couple of first round picks, but I think it would take an extreme situation for them to trade up from either 16th or 22nd. The 49ers are also still loaded with picks, so if they find the right player, they could move up the NFL odds boards as well.  

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