NFL Picks: Free Agency Odds Update

Jordan Sharp

Friday, February 22, 2013 7:31 PM UTC

Friday, Feb. 22, 2013 7:31 PM UTC

With just a little over two weeks until the start of free agency in the NFL, teams are gearing up for what will be a busy offseason heading into April’s draft. Who could change the NFL odds?

Some already good teams will be trying to spend their way to the next level, and some teams are trying to save money. Who is getting better and who is getting worse? Let’s take a look at some teams that could be making big splashes before the draft and help out our future NFL picks.

Patriots +600

New England is the favorite to win it all going into the 2013 season. They are in a unique position this offseason. They have some good money to spend, likely on some more playmakers on offense and some beef on their defense. They will need almost every penny too, because a couple of trades have hindered them in this draft, as they won’t have their 3rd, 4th or 5th round pick in the draft.

The 3rd rounder was the one that sent Aquib Talib to New England, but the other two were for Chad Ochocinco and Albert Haynesworth, which both were bad moves. New England has been rumored around a trade for Percy Harvin as well. Could you imagine if they let Wes Welker and Brandon Lloyd go, just to trade for Percy Harvin and sign a guy like Dwayne Bowe or even Greg Jennings? No you know why New England is the odds on favorite, they have the most room to get even better this offseason.

Broncos +800

Right behind them and in almost as good of shape financially this offseason are the Broncos. With almost as much money (these numbers are projections still) to spend this offseason, the Broncos only have a few areas that nee improving to get them to a Super Bowl Championship. The Broncos also have all of their draft picks, unlike the Pats. However, Denver will need to resign Ryan Clady at left tackle for a lot of their money this offseason. He is arguably the best one in the league, and he is protecting Peyton Manning’s ass. It’s almost like buying the cheap car insurance.

Texans +1000

Houston is another powerhouse team in the AFC this season, as three of the top four teams in the future odds come from the American Football Conference. Houston also has decent money to spend on upgrading their defense and offensive playmakers this offseason. However, a lot of their money will go to resigning Connor Barwin and maybe Glover Quin as well.


There are a few teams with a ton of money to spend this offseason that need noting. They are all long shots on the NFL odds boards right now, but after free agency and the draft, we could be looking back on their odds now and shaking our heads.

Colts +4000

Indianapolis showed that Andrew Luck is the real deal last season, going from worst to in the playoffs. Now they have more money than Donald Trump to spend this offseason. Well, not that much, but it is being projected as close to $50 million in cap space. The Colts have an amazing group of young building blocks, and anything could happen in the offseason.

Bengals +3000

This is my value pick of the offseason right now. Cincinnati is already 30/1, but after what could be a big offseason, this team could jump right into the “Top five teams in the AFC conversation,” easily. They will have over $50 million to spend this offseason as well, but unlike the Colts who only have four picks, the Bengals have eight picks, including their first round pick, two second rounders and two 6th round picks. The 2nd round pick is from the Carson Palmer trade, while the 6th is from the Chad Ochocino trade, which is currently hurting both the Raiders and the Patriots this season. The Bunguls might be gone next season for a while. 

Good luck with the rest of your sports picks while you're waiting for the new NFL season!
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