NFL Picks Divisional Round: Betting Odds & Predictions

Jordan Sharp

Monday, January 7, 2013 7:10 PM UTC

Monday, Jan. 7, 2013 7:10 PM UTC

Join us as we follow the Divisional Round NFL odds all the way to kickoff, helping you decide when and where to place your NFL picks. How are we predicting the lines to move, and when will the value show up?

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Divisional Round NFL Picks: Friday Odds & Lines Update

By: Jordan Sharp


We are now less than 24 hours before the kickoff of the first divisional round game in the NFL this evening, and we have yet to see very much aligned movement from any of the four games this weekend. That being said we have seen some shifts in the odds, and I can bet there will still be some more at least slightly before late tomorrow afternoon. So for one last time, let's take a look at the four games this weekend.

Still sitting at -9 ½ favorites, the Broncos look like they are going to stay as slightly under double-digit favorites. If you are in the team that feels real confident about Denver this weekend, then my only suggestion to you is to buy a half point and take them at a flat nine points.

One of the more interesting games of the weekend is the Packers and 49ers. After opening as three-point favorites, most books have San Francisco at -2 ½ now. In my heart I really want the 49ers to be the right pick, however you can't pick with your heart and sports betting. Needless to say, this is definitely the game to watch on Saturday.

On Sunday afternoon, the other NFC game kicks off early in the afternoon and the Falcons are still anywhere from -1 to -3 favorites still. This is the game where I see the value in. Atlanta is very good at home and the Seahawks are not good on the road despite their win last week in Washington. Even though they are the hot team, I'm thinking Seattle is going home.

Finally, the Texans and Patriots kick off to end the divisional round, and New England is a -9 ½ favorite. A lot of people think that the Patriots will dominate once again, and although I'm not sure about that, I do have the Texans teased up to 16 points in my teaser article. However, as it stands now I can't warn of that on either side.


Divisional Round NFL Picks: Thursday Odds & Lines Update

By: Jordan Sharp


We are only 48 hours away from the divisional round of the NFL playoffs, and while we haven’t seen a whole lot of movement so far in this lines, I’m expecting some late week action on these lines, and it has already started.

NFL Odds have the Broncos still at -9 ½ favorites against the Ravens this week, and it seems it’s going to stay there. I’m staying away from this line for multiple reasons, but the main reason is that I think it’s pretty sharp. It being the divisional round, the books are going all out on making these lines pretty hard to beat.

The late game between the Packers and 49ers has seen some movement over the last day or so, as more money has come in on the Packers, forcing the line down from +3 to +2 ½. I like the 49ers in this game, but betting against Aaron Rodgers is almost never a good thing, so I’m not confident whatsoever.

On Sunday, the Falcons are anywhere from a -1 to a -2 ½ favorite against the Seahawks, and this is the game I see some value in. I think the Falcons will beat the Seahawks soundly on Sunday, putting down some of their criticism. The Hawks will not be able to fall behind like they did in Washington and expect to win. Falcons -1 seems like the route I’m taking.

Finally, the Patriots host the Texans in the final game before the AFC and NFC Championships, and like the first AFC game, the Texans are big road underdogs in this one. New England crushed them earlier in the season, and there is little to believe that they won’t do it again, other than the fact that it’s the playoffs.


Divisional Round NFL Picks: Wednesday Odds & Lines Update

By: Jordan Sharp


Yesterday we talked about the NFL Odds for the Saturday divisional games, and now it’s Wednesday, and with only a few days left in the week, let’s take a look at Sunday’s two games and see if there has been any major movement or wagering.

While a few sportsbooks are holding out on the Falcons up near +2 ½ and +3, most of the shops have the Falcons as only -1 favorites at home this week. To me, this looks like nice value for laying just a point with Atlanta, but then again, the Seahawks are one of, if not the hottest team in the NFL right now, but Atlanta at home is very tough as well. Plus, even though they showed up in Washington DC last week, will the Hawks get the same effect in a dome environment on the road? It has been done before, but I think the Falcons are about to make a statement.

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After flexing into double figures for a little while, the line between the Patriots and Texans is settling down to -9 ½, and I think it’s going to stay there for the time being. Currently more money has come in on the Texans than the Patriots, and I think that is what forced the line to settle south of ten points. We did see it reach +10 ½ and even +11 for a moment, but those were quickly bet back down. I think we’ll see some late money on New England to even it out, but I think the books have found their number for this game pending any major bets on either side. 

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Divisional Round NFL Picks: Tuesday Odds & Lines Update

By: Jordan Sharp


It’s only Tuesday, but these NFL betting lines for the divisional games won’t break themselves down! We still have a few days before kickoff of these weekend masterpieces, but there are several things to report on these lines before we kick them off. 

Firstly, it looks like after hovering around +8 ½ or +9, the line between the Ravens and Broncos is going to settle around +9 ½ and +10 like I suspected. I’m going to harp on this all week, but I do not like this line, nor will I ever. The Ravens could very well keep it close, but I’m not taking that risk with Peyton Manning on the other side. Betting against Peyton Manning is ludacris, but I’m not taking the chance of a back door cover from a very capable Ravens team.

 The other Saturday wonder is the one I’m most excited for, and that’s the Packers in San Francisco. We are finally going to get to see if coach John Harbaugh is a genius, or a meddling fool. If the Niners come out after their bye with Colin Kaepernick playing bad against Green Bay, it is going to be another LONG offseason for 49ers fans, this one probably worse than last season.

Last season the Niners came out of nowhere, and they weren’t supposed to go to the Super Bowl. Being let down always feels worse, and it will feel especially bad if they are 0-1 SU in the playoffs. I do think the Niners will win, but once again, your betting against one of the NFL’s best quarterbacks if you do that. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.


Divisional Round NFL Picks: Opening Odds & Lines

By: Jordan Sharp


There are just eight teams left that have a shot at hoisting the Vince Lombardi trophy, and that number will be cut down four after this weekend. There weren’t a whole lot of surprises in wildcard weekend, as all four favorites covered the NFL betting lines with relative ease. This week we have a couple of big AFC spreads while the NFC is a tight race and both fewer than three points. Let’s take a look at all four games and decide if they warrant a wager.

The first game this weekend is the Broncos hosting the Ravens on Saturday, and you can still get the Broncos anywhere from -8 ½ up to -10 favorites at home this week. I knew this spread would be pretty high, and unless you are a die-hard Ravens fan that believes Ray Lewis is going to win one last Super Bowl, you probably aren’t betting on this game. I think the Broncos will cover, but I also think it will be close, and I’m not touching this spread at all.

The 49ers host the Packers in the night game on Saturday, and San Francisco is a -3 favorite across the board this week. A lot of people are using the Packers as their best bet, but in contrast to my video, there is actually a lot of money on the 49ers right now. We’ll see if that evens up by the time kick off rolls around on Saturday, but until then, I think we have to watch this one VERY closely.

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Moving on to Sunday, where the afternoon game will feature the Seahawks on the road in Atlanta to play the Falcons. This is the smallest spread of the week, as the Falcons are as high as -2 ½ favorites, and then at other shops they are as small as -1 favorites. I think the people backing the Seahawks are going to be very disappointed after this game. Either way, whomever wins between the 49ers and Packers is going to beat whoever wins this game, but for now, I think the Falcons will win. They are great at home, and their defense and offense (because of the RG3 injury) is better than the Redskins’.

Finally, the Patriots and Texans help end our divisional weekend, and the Pats are another big favorite at -9 and even -10 in some instances. This is one big spread I can relate to, and I think you can say that the Patriots will cover. The Texans’ defense isn’t as good as we thought, and the Patriots are on a revenge mission this season. I can’t see the Texans giving them much of a scare.

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