NFL Picks: Dallas Cowboys NFL Futures Betting

Jordan Sharp

Wednesday, May 8, 2013 6:04 PM UTC

Wednesday, May. 8, 2013 6:04 PM UTC

The perennially overvalued Cowboys come into the 2013 season at just that, overvalued. Dallas is facing a do or die season and they are looking sick and not motivated for the challenge.

Dallas Cowboys future odds update

Let’s take a look at one of the most overvalued teams in NFL history, and see how much they are inflated this season in the NFL odds. 

Super Bowl (+2800)

28/1 is very high, and it would put them just outside of the postseason all together. But why would we think the Cowboys have any value? There are several teams like the Colts, Bengals and even the Dolphins that will likely have a better chance at the postseason in their respective conference, yet these teams are 40/1 on the NFL odds boards to win the Super Bowl! How can the Cowboys, who are likely a 6-10 football team this season, be 28/1 to win the Super Bowl? The answer is they are overvalued to take advantage of Cowboys fans that blindly waste their money on betting the Cowboys every season. I will sit here and personally guarantee that the Cowboys won’t win the Super Bowl, so spend you money on a nice pair of Cowboys boots.

NFC (+1400)

The Cowboys are slightly better priced to win the NFC, but not that much. I say better because of how massively overvalued they are in the Super Bowl future odds. They are still overvalued in the NFC, but a 14/1 bet on the Cowboys to win the NFC at least has more than a 1% chance of happening. There are three teams in the NFC that are 14/1 to win the conference, and all three of them have their share of inconsistencies. They would all either be over or undervalued. The Cowboys seem to be the ones that are overvalued. Their offense is god but inconsistent. Their defense is good but inconsistent, and they are inconsistent when trying to cash ATS. Dallas was 6-10 ATS last season, and I don’t expect it to get any better.

My Take 

Dallas is that team that will do everything in their power to convince you that they are better than they are. Dallas is still dealing with a big cap hit due to their spending in the uncapped season, and they have been extremely limited in their ability to fill holes on their team.

With that being said, sell all the Cowboys stock you have and have ever owned. Dallas might just be as bad as their ATS record was last season, but straight up. The Cowboys have signed approximately six free agents this offseason and have more than that. Their draft was solid, but those picks are going to be rushed into starting likely because of their big cap hit. 

Of course we have to have some value with the Cowboys this season, and that value will come with fading them all the way to the bank. I expect the overvalued Cowboys to continue to be a good bet against all season for our NFL Picks.

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