NFL Picks & College Football Betting Contest: Beat The Prick!

Swinging Johnson

Sunday, August 23, 2015 11:16 AM UTC

Sunday, Aug. 23, 2015 11:16 AM UTC

The illustrious Prick from 'Beat the Prick' is back for an 11th season! Each week contestants review NFL odds and college football odds, choosing their top five picks of the week.

You Can't Beat the Price
If you have not already done so, now is the time to join SBR's yearly contest. To join this FREE Beat The Prick Contest offers $30,000 + 150K points/week, all you do is click on that thread, click on the sign-up link enclosed, follow a few easy steps and voila! You are now entered to win cash prizes and SBR points without having to pay a penny which works well when you're a baller on a budget.

So now that we have that behind us the newbies who have never entered the Beat The Prick (heretofore known as BTP) contest should understand that this season the grand prize is $7500 and each week 150,000 SBR points will be distributed to all those who successfully capped better than The Prick that week. Regardless how you do anyone can watch The Prick's weekly podcasts where he waxes prosaic on topics ranging from Jack Daniels to outhouses and of course the benefits of dating women with no teeth. Whether he's drunk or sober The Prick is always entertaining and the fact that he reveals his NFL picks early in the week can give his listeners the best fade advice allowable by law. To say The Prick did not fare well last season is like saying the Jaguars could use a little improvement. Because of The Prick's ineptitude SBR was rainin' points on just about everyone who entered last season. 

We know The Prick can't be that bad this year but then again if anyone is capable of duplicating those heinous results it is the one and only Prick himself. So the bottom line here is we all love beating the Prick. It relieves stress, makes us feel good and even women enjoy it - well none that I know of course -  but there are some adventurous types that prefer to Beat The Prick on a Sunday afternoon as opposed to shopping for shoes or lunch with the girls.

Remember ladies and gentlemen this contest encompasses your top five selections which can be all college football picks, all NFL picks or a combination of both. One of your five choices must be of the two unit variety which denotes your top play of the week.


Swinger, How Do you Beat The Prick?
Some readers who have been following my sports handicapping advice would insist with my eyes closed but I actually put my fair share of effort into Beating The Prick. Your interest must be aroused the moment you spy a soft line and make certain that you can erect a formidable argument for backing one side or the other after perusing the NFL odds or College Football odds for that matter.

Be aware of line movements throughout the week and of course play careful attention to injury reports. Stingers, bone bruises, ligament strains and of course groin pulls can all cause players to miss practices which will diminish their effectiveness on game day or eliminate them completely from the active roster. Make sure to pound that number before it disappears. Remember this is Beat The Prick so pounding is encouraged.

One of the best ways to Beat The Prick is to simply lay back, get comfortable and view something that will stroke your passion and embolden your confidence. Watch clips of last week's games and see how the teams stack up to the opponent this week. After all, Beating The Prick is not only about coming to the right conclusion at the right time but it's also about nurturing a throbbing passion, spreading the seeds of success with no apologies and no regrets while reveling in the ecstasy of your accomplishments. Sports handicapping can be a sticky subject but when you know how to do it right the results are downright climactic.

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