NFL Picks: Can Seahawks Repeat Victory?

Jordan Sharp

Monday, February 3, 2014 6:25 PM UTC

Monday, Feb. 3, 2014 6:25 PM UTC

Seattle put on a dominating performance in the Super Bowl, and with the way things look, this might not be their only Super Bowl. The team is set up for many years to come, and they don’t have much to do this offseason other than the draft. While the title asks can they repeat, I think the real question might be, how many Super Bowls can this team win during their title window for our NFL picks?

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Offseason outlook

The Seahawks have almost all of their main guys signed for next season, so some slight roster maintenance is the only thing they really need this offseason. One of the first things they will do is drop Sidney Rice. By waiving him this spring, the Hawks will save about $7 million in salary cap space, which will give them some flexibility this offseason.

Some of that money will likely go to unrestricted free agent, Golden Tate, and even though his Super Bowl wasn’t that great, he would likely come back to the Hawks if the price is right. Other than that, Percy Harvin is signed, as is Jermaine Kearse and most of the offensive skill players.

The one thing that they might have to do is get some help at running back, however that will likely come late in the draft if it comes at all. Marshawn Lynch is still a productive back, but he will be 28 by the time next season starts, and I doubt he has another 3 years of “Beast Mode,” left if he keeps getting 300 carries per season. Robert Turbin hasn’t shown much, and if Christine Michael doesn’t start showing some improvement this offseason, the Hawks’ power running game might become a worry for next season if they don’t spend a pick on a tail back.

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Repeat ability

There have only been seven teams who have been able to repeat as Super Bowl champions, and the only team to repeat twice was the Steelers. The Hawks are certainly set up to do it. Harvin being healthy for a whole season will do wonders, and with only their divisional rival in California to worry about, the Hawks might once again dominate the rest of the league if they stay healthy. If the Niners pull what the Yankees did this offseason after the Red Sox won, the Hawks might be in a little more trouble however.

Richard Sherman’s injury at the end of the game is concerning, however after the game he said that he should be ready for OTA’s in the spring. Another injury or two like that during the season would really derail the Hawks next year, but they were pretty lucky with injuries this season outside of Harvin, so as long as they don’t end up like the Bears’ defense did in 2013, they should be locks to at least get back to the NFC Title game.

Right now at Bovada, the Super Bowl Future NFL Odds have the Hawks at +450, the 49ers at +750, and the Broncos at +800 as the top three favorites. Obviously as that big a favorite, the Seahawks’ chances of repeating according to the sportsbooks is pretty high.

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