NFL Picks: Best SU Bets to Lock Into Your Week 11 Betting Card

Nikki Adams

Thursday, November 19, 2015 1:43 PM UTC

Thursday, Nov. 19, 2015 1:43 PM UTC

We look at the matchups on offer in week 11 NFL betting and spot the best straight up NFL picks available to spot. In layman terms: there are sure-fire winners for your NFL picks.

Seattle over San Francisco
So the Seattle Seahawks slipped to a second straight home defeat when they lost to the Cardinals in week 10 NFL betting. Given the matchup it was bound to happen, really. NFL bettors can’t claim be too surprised by the outcome. Carson Palmer and the Cardinals are flying high in the NFC West, not to mention the starter is enjoying a banner season. While Russell Wilson was sunning in Mexico with his girlfriend Ciara during the bye week along with a stylist and personal photographer lovingly staging their vacation shots and then summarily splashing them all over the internet, Palmer used the time off doing…oh, dunno…run of the mill stuff…. like preparing for the pivotal game.

Just goes to show where these two quarterbacks’ heads are at this season. It showed where it mattered most, on the scoreboard as the Cards defeated the Hawks 39-32 to take a commanding lead in the NFC West.

So the Seahawks are merely 4-5 SU on the season with a 2-2 SU mark at home. They do boast a 4.5-point margin of victory on average, largely down to beating up on the Chicago Bears 26-0 in week 3 of the season at a time when they were sans Jay Cutler.  They also edged the Lions 13-10 the following week.

There’s a flashpoint to be had about the fact that the Seahawks have been found wanting against the better teams this season: it’s that they are clearly not as dominant as they were in the past few season, particularly at home where they’ve lost to the undefeated Panthers and the NFC West leaders Cardinals. Perhaps stardom has gotten to one or two (ahem Russell); perhaps there are too many egos – a case of too many Chiefs and not enough Indians, as the saying goes. Whatever it is, it’s probably not going to factor in week 11 NFL betting because despite their struggles they’ve been reliable against the lesser teams in the NFL. Case-and-point: Bears, Lions, Niners and Cowboys, all of which boast ridiculously poor records on the season. With a second matchup against the Niners approaching this weekend, one has to believe the Seahawks are as good as a lock NFL pick to win straight up. Put this way, would you put money down on Blaine Gabbert to lead the Niners to victory at CenturyLink?

NFL Picks: Seahawks -649 to win SU


Patriots over Bills 
As certain as the sun is to rise in the morning, the Patriots are an almost lock bet to beat the Bills on Monday Night Football. It’s not only primetime TV but it’s also the defending Super Bowl champions New England Patriots, who –in case you’re not so initiated – are undefeated this season behind a 9-0 SU mark, taking on divisional rivals that they practically own. Not to mention, they have home advantage where they are almost impervious to losing.

Granted they did lose to the Bills in week 17 of last season, but it was a “garbage” game. The Patriots had won the AFC and top seed by then, leaving Bill Belichick and Tom Brady no incentive to win outright. Better to rest up for the playoffs was the thinking then, and look how well that went for them too.

Overall, the Patriots are 9-0 SU on the season with a 14.9-point winning margin and 5-0 SU at home this season with an 18.8-point winning margin. Earlier this term they beat the Bills 40-32 on the road, a highly entertaining clash in which the Bills did give as good as they got. Of course, the Bills will be up for this clash and they could shake things up here – it would be a big mistake to overlook them entirely from your NFL picks. However, at first glance, this does have the look of a straight up home chalk NFL pick.

NFL Picks: Patriots -300 betway

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