NFL Picks: AFC South Futures Update

Matthew Jordan

Saturday, June 28, 2014 4:11 PM UTC

Saturday, Jun. 28, 2014 4:11 PM UTC

Now that the NFL Draft is complete, LVH Sportbsook in Las Vegas has released their 2014 NFL Divisional Future Odds. Let’s take a look at the AFC South and see if there is any value to be had in these offseason NFL picks.

Colts (-125)
Indianapolis should be the favorite to win the AFC South Division, however they are not without holes or question marks, as they head into the summer months. They did do some good in bulking up on offense by signing Hakeem Nicks to go along with the recovering Reggie Wayne, and young stud, TY Hilton. While this team does have a lot of passing upside, their running game and defense still have some issues to resolve. I think this could be making them slightly overvalued in the NFL odds, but while they may not be chalk-worthy, they are by far the best team in this division.

Texans (+260)
It may be a little surprising to see a team that only won two games in 2013 as the second highest NFL odds favorite in the AFC South. That may be a testament to how bad the division truly is, or it could be that the sportsbooks have higher hopes for the Texans this season than most of the public does. Either way, it seems as if +260 is an appropriate price for your NFL pick. Their defense may be one of, if not the best defense in the division, and while they may be using Ryan Fitzpatrick as a stop-gap QB until one comes along in the draft, this team could still easily win more than double what they did last season. Nonetheless, their chances of winning the division are still very small.

Titans (+260)
Tennessee is also +260 in the NFL odds, and they may be the most undervalued team in the division. The Titans also might have the best defense in the division, and even though their offense took a hit this offseason with the departure of Chris Johnson and Kenny Britt, those two hardly did anything last season. The issue for the Titans is Jake Locker. If Locker comes out, and is steady, and doesn’t turn the ball over, or get injured again, this team will threaten for a playoff spot this season. However, not only does Locker need to stay healthy, and consistent, but the Titans need to figure out who is going to get the ball after it leaves Locker’s hand.

Jaguars (+3000)
It should come at no surprise that the Jaguars are bringing up the rear in this division, and although they have a better shot of not winning one game than they have at winning the division, this team could be undervalued in certain areas. While we won’t know about the Blake Bortles era for some time now, the defense on this team is going to be pretty good, and it might be good enough to carry this young offense. Bortles may not flourish and become a star in his first year as the Jags presumed starting quarterback. This team is going in the right direction; it’s just going to take some time. 

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