NFL Picks: AFC South Division NFL Futures Betting

Jordan Sharp

Thursday, May 2, 2013 7:42 PM UTC

Thursday, May. 2, 2013 7:42 PM UTC

Let’s take a look at each team’s future odds in the AFC South, and then decide whether or not they warrant a bet in the offseason.


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The AFC South looks to be a one-team race this season, and even though their might be two teams from the division that make the playoffs, the bottom two teams will only be fighting for the #1 overall pick next season.

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Houston Texans (+1200 Super Bowl, +450 AFC)

If there is a team in the AFC South to bet on in the NFL future odds, it is definitely the Texans. Houston is the third favorite in the odds to win the AFC, and although they fall out of the top five favorites to win the Super Bowl, it’s because the Texans might just be tier 1B in the AFC compared to the Broncos and Patriots.

Houston will have the best defense in the AFC, which will mean something, so I think I could warrant a bet on them to win the AFC. We saw last year both of those teams go down to a hot defense, and the Texans sure have the talent, depth and skill to get the job done. I’m selling however in the Super Bowl odds. I am pretty sure that trophy is going to the NFC side this season. 

Indianapolis Colts (+4000 Super Bowl, +1800 AFC)

Indy made a nice run to the playoffs last season behind then rookie, Andrew Luck, and now they are gearing up for another potential playoff season. At 40/1, no one is giving them much more than a glimpse when it comes to recognition, and I think although they might be slightly undervalued, it’s not enough to get excited about. 18/1 isn’t bad for AFC odds. I will say that number might be slightly under or over valued, but it remains to be seen which one it will be. 

Although we can’t warrant a future odds bet on the Colts, this team will still be undervalued some this season. I will definitely be looking to tail the Colts in situations this season, as they have the third easiest schedule of all 32 teams. Playing in the AFC South is going to do wonders for the Colts this season, and they might just be a money making team this season. 

Tennessee Titans (+8000 Super Bowl, +4000 AFC) 

The Titans have a lot to figure out, and unfortunately the NFL is not kind to teams who are still “figuring things out.” The Titans are as fairly priced in the future odds as they ever will be, but it remains to be seen what kind of “Titans” will emerge this September.

I don’t see the Titans having any value this season with the possible exception of the preseason. Other than that, I’m laying off. 

Jacksonville Jaguars (+15,000 Super Bowl, +6600 Super Bowl) 

Last and certainly the least are the Jaguars. If someone offered me front row at the 50 yard-line season tickets to the Jaguars next season, or an old used Jaguar motor vehicle, I’d take the car ten time out of ten. The Jags might be the worst team in football this season, but there is always value to be had. 

Jacksonville is going to be so bad that I think they might be a 0-16 candidate. Maurice Jones-Drew is coming off of a surgery, and their best wide receive just got suspended for the first four games of the season. It might only net you 3/1, but when it comes to your NFL picks, a bet on the Jags going winless might be their only value of the season. Sell, sell, sell.
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