NFL Picks: AFC East Futures Update

Matthew Jordan

Saturday, June 28, 2014 4:24 PM UTC

Saturday, Jun. 28, 2014 4:24 PM UTC

After the NFL Draft was completed, the LVH Sportsbook in Las Vegas released their Divisional Future odds for the NFL. Although one team looks dominant in the AFC East, could there still be value?

Patriots (-325)
New England might be a Super Bowl contender, and LVH has accounted for this with their divisional NFL odds. Even though the AFC East is not going to have much competition (once again), the Pats are only laying 3/1 in this division, and they could still have some value at this point in the offseason. As the season grows closer, they will probably just grow in their NFL odds, and with the improvements they have made to the defensive side of the ball, they could be one of the better values in all of the AFC. A $1500 wager could net you nearly $500 in profit if you bet the Pats, and they win this division again. Considering that they have won it now five times in a row, it doesn’t seem like a bad NFL proposition pick.

Dolphins (+450)
Miami has had to deal with a lot of turnover this offseason, but they are by far the 2nd best team in this division. Unfortunately that isn’t saying much, but as long as Ryan Tannehill doesn’t regress a large deal this season, the Dolphins might still challenge for a wildcard slot in the playoffs. The offense looked good at times last season, but they scored only one touchdown in their final two games of the season to miss the playoffs, and I don’t see much improvement on that side of the ball. Furthermore, their NFL draft was average at best, and even though their defense does look improved, they have a lot of new moving parts.

Jets (+800)
The Jets are of course still rebuilding with second-year QB, Geno Smith, and they do seem improved on both sides of the ball this offseason. Although they may not be ready to challenge the Patriots, they could very well improve on their 8-8 season a year ago. While the playoffs may be a stretch, I don’t think they are out of reach for this team. It starts on defense, and even though there wasn’t much to improve, the secondary has some nice additions. Two of the Jets’ first three picks were in the secondary, and along with bringing in Eric Decker and Jacoby Ford, Geno should at least have some guys to throw to this season. However this team’s money is made by defense and running the football, so we’ll see if the RB committee of Chris Johnson, Bilal Powell and Chris Ivory can get the job done.

Bills (+1000)
Buffalo is also in rebuild mode with their second-year QB, and unfortunately for Bills fans, I don’t see this season being much better (if at all better) than last season. While every other team in this division got better in the offseason, the Bills didn’t seem to do anything about their offensive issues from a season ago, making them a dubious futures betting pick. Although they spent a lot of their money on defense, and with their running game needing little help, the Bills’ passing game still looks weak. They did draft Sammy Watkins, but he isn’t going to be the big-time threat in Buffalo if Manuel can’t get him the ball. I like the young combo of Watson and Robert Woods, but I’m not sold on Manuel yet.

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