NFL Picks: Add More Gambling Fun With Our Super Bowl Prop Bets

Nikki Adams

Sunday, February 7, 2016 6:58 PM UTC

Sunday, Feb. 7, 2016 6:58 PM UTC

Super Bowl 50 Proposition bets are trading furiously on the board, covering every imaginable aspect of the game. Here’s a last-minute rundown of what’s on offer for your Super Bowl picks.

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The list across the board is endless for your proposition bets, covering every aspect of the game, including the coin toss, length of Anthem and Super Bowl MVP winners and more. Let's check the Super Bowl Odds now!


Length of National Anthem
How long will it take Lady Gaga to sing the National Anthem?

OVER 2:20 -120

UNDER 2:20 -120

Tip: Average length of National Anthem is purportedly 1:57


First Score of Game

Touchdown -145

Field Goal or Safety +115

Tip: The instance a safety was the first score of the game is 6% in Super Bowl history, including the first score of the Seahawks vs. Broncos in Super Bowl 48. Touchdowns edge Field goals 49% to 45%.


Exact First Score of Game

Panthers Touchdown +150

Panthers Field Goal +350

Panthers Safety +3300

Broncos Touchdown +225

Broncos Field Goal +375

Broncos Safety +3300

Tip: Although the instance of a touchdown being the first score of the game is 49%, in the four playoff games combined by the Panthers and Broncos en route to the Super Bowl the outcome is split down the middle between a touchdown and a field goal.


Super Bowl MVP

Cam Newton -130

Peyton Manning +275

Luke Kuechly +1400

Ted Ginn Jr. +2000

C.J. Anderson +2000

Von Miller +2000

Johnathan Steward +2000

Demaryius Thomas +2200

And more…

Tip: The above is a snapshot of all the players in line for the coveted MVP prize, but it’s clear it’s a two-horse race between the quarterbacks. Cam Newton won the regular season MVP award and it would take a brilliant game by one his cohorts to wrestle the prize away from him should the Panthers win. On the other side of the coin, it’s hard to imagine Peyton Manning wouldn’t get the award on the heels of a Broncos win, what with many calling it his swansong.


Entertainment Props –The Fun, wacky, silly bets to make


Will Peyton Manning cry during any point of broadcast?

Yes +600

No -1000

Tip: If the Broncos win and it is the last game Peyton Manning ever plays, there’s sure to be tears. Come on, right?


How many times “dab” or “dabbing” will be mentioned during broadcast?

OVER 2 (+100)

UNDER 2 (-140)

Tip: With the fascination surrounding the dab and the big deal it’s become in NFL circles, it’s sure to feature in the conversation quite a lot, don’t you think?


How many times Cam Newton does the Open Shirt Superman move during game?

OVER 2.5 (+100)

UNDER 2.5 (-140)

Tip: Too tricky to predict, relying entirely on how many times Cam Newton makes it into the end zone really. On the season, he has 38 TDs over 17 games which yields an average of 2.235 TDs per game in a perfect world. So we’d go UNDER 2.5 on our NFL picks.


What colour Gatorade/liquid will be poured on winning coach

Orange +125

Blue +300

Clear +400

Yellow +400

Red +600

Green +1000

Purple +1000

Tip: This is another tough one to predict because it’s impossible to quantify. If we’re looking at team colours, then we’d narrow the options down to orange or blue depending on the winning team. Interesting to note the Orange is the top fave at +125. Foreshadowing?


Who will Super Bowl MVP first mention?

God +200

Team +200

City/Fans +600

Coach +750

Family +1500

Doesn’t mention anyone above +450

Tip: It’s a team sport and a team win, so one would think thanking the team is the first priority.


Super Bowl 50 Proposition Verdict
This is only a snapshot of what NFL bettors can find in the market right now. It’s absolutely impossible to cover all the different betting morsels that are available just a mouse-click away. Be sure to take a look and find those that tickle your fancy. It’s sure to provide added betting thrills for your Super Bowl 50 enjoyment. Keep in mind though in most cases you’re not going to hit the jackpot. So be smart about how you bet these proposition Super Bowl picks and don’t get carried away.

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