NFL Picks: 2015-16 Week 1 Futures Update

Joe Catalano

Wednesday, September 9, 2015 12:29 AM UTC

Wednesday, Sep. 9, 2015 12:29 AM UTC

We are just a few days away from the start of the 2015 NFL Season and the excitement is starting to build. Today, I wan't to take a look at the future updates.

Being that we're entering week #1, we're going to look at the top teams and a possible sleeper where the futures are concerned. Are there any lottery picks out there?


Leader of the Pack
Green Bay Packers +550
Aaron Rodgers is the leader of the Packers and widely considered the best quarterback in the NFL. The Packers are a slight favorite to win the Super Bowl this season and after last year, I can understand why. If we go back to the NFC Championship Game, the Green Bay Packers had that game well in hand against the Seattle Seahawks, but the stars were aligned properly for Seattle and they had one of the best comebacks that you'll ever see in a game of that importance. 

Basically, the Packers and Seahawks can be in that same position in the 4th quarter and 99 out of 100 times, the Packers would win. This would've meant a matchup with a very beatable Patriots team in the Super Bowl. Look for the Packers to come out strong this season as they know they let one get away. That said, I'm not so sure that I like the Packers at these odds as top receiver, Jordy Nelson, is out for the season. This is a tremendous blow to Aaron Rodgers and his big play ability.


Seattle Seahawks +650
I really like this pick and at these NFL odds as the Seahawks were one careless decision from winning two consecutive Super Bowls. The question is "Do the Seahawks have the ability to get back to the Super Bowl?" Basically, head coach Pete Carroll, took the heat for the loss last season, but this season, the Seahawks would surely go to Marshawn Lynch on the goal line. 

Russell Wilson and the offense have picked up one of the two best tight ends in the NFL in Jimmy Graham. This will only enhance Seattle's chances of making it back to the Super Bowl as they really never had a superstar for Wilson to throw the football to.

This will keep Russell Wilson healthy as he will take matters into his own hands less often and the Seattle offense will be less predictable. Also, expect Richard Sherman will make opposing offenses more predictable as nobody wants to throw the football his way. Seattle is an outstanding future pick at these odds.


New England Patriots +900
As long as Tom Brady is behind center, you can never write this team off as Brady has had less than a desirable supporting cast except for Julian Edelman and Rob Gronkowski and still found a way to take home the Lombardi Trophy. Edelman was the true MVP of the Super Bowl, but Bill Belichick has this team playing like a team and doesn't put up with mistakes. Currently, this is not a good NFL pick because you'll still be able to get the Patriots at these type of odds the first few weeks of the season.


Appealing Odds
Pittsburgh Steelers +2000
Let's remember that if Le'Veon Bell didn't get injured last season, the Pittsburgh Steelers had a chance to do damage in the playoffs. They have "the Big 3" in Ben Roethisberger, Le'Veon Bell, and Antonio Brown and I would take that trio over any other in the NFL. Big Ben knows what it's like to win Super Bowls. These are good odds and a team to keep an eye on.


Denver Broncos +1400
I could see a bettor making a small bet on the Broncos. Peyton Manning clearly didn't have the zip on the football that he had in the past, but he has C.J. Anderson in the backfield and Emmanuel Sanders and Demaryius Thomas to throw the ball to.

Anderson didn't play the entire season, but I see a major upside in him and he can take the pressure off of Manning's neck. The combination almost reminded me of John Elway and Terrell Davis. The odds are decent for consideration as Anderson could be the best back in the NFL who can run and catch the football.


Teams to Stay Away From
Dallas Cowboys +1400
Without DeMarco Murray, there will be more pressure on Tony Romo and Darren McFadden isn't the answer. Dez Bryant is way less important than Murray was last season


Philadelphia Eagles +800
Someone needs to tell Chip Kelly that this isn't Oregon. Although he landed DeMarco Murray, with a big time quarterback, the Philadelphia Eagles will be unable to win the Super Bowl and are way overrated where betting odds are concered. This is one of the worst bets on the board.

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