NFL Odds: Betting Super Bowl 50 Scenarios Before Title Games

Nikki Adams

Thursday, January 21, 2016 6:40 PM UTC

Thursday, Jan. 21, 2016 6:40 PM UTC

As we countdown to the Conference Championships this weekend, odds makers release look ahead lines for all Super Bowl 50 scenarios. Get a head start on Super Bowl 50 as we preview the advanced lines.

Advanced Super Bowl 50 Money Lines At 5Dimes
Several sports betting shops have gone to press with look ahead lines for Super Bowl 50, covering all four scenarios that could potentially emerge this weekend, and you might be surprised by some of the proposed lines for several scenarios.

5Dimes has gone ahead and posted money line odds for the four scenarios:

New England -130 vs. Arizona +110

Denver -125 vs. Arizona +105

New England -110 vs. Carolina -110

Carolina -150 vs. Denver +130


In the first couple of scenarios, Patriots-Cardinals and Broncos-Cardinals, the favorable nod goes to the AFC representatives, which is what most NFL bettors would expect considering the sum total of experience contained within both teams and the future Hall of Fame quarterbacks Tom Brady and Peyton Manning. It’s worth noting that not long ago, the NFC was favored at -130 over the AFC at +110 to win Super Bowl 50. The elimination of the Seattle Seahawks, preseason favorites for the Super Bowl, must have changed the outlook as now the AFC and NFC is dead even on the NFL odds board, both trading at -110 to win it all.

The third scenario, Patriots-Panthers, is somewhat surprising, don’t you think? That the defending champions with their record-setting playoff quarterback Tom Brady would be neck-and-neck on the NFL odds board with Super Bowl debutant Cam Newton and the Panthers.

Same goes for the fourth scenario in which debutant Cam Newton and the Panthers are projected as significant favorites over Peyton Manning and the Broncos. In fact, of all the four proposed scenarios, this one is the most lopsided. Fascinating stuff.

Of course, these are merely projections. What happens in the Conference games is sure to have an impact on the final edition that goes to press on Sunday. It was the case with the divisional round, where the Patriots were projected as -1.5 road favorites over the Broncos in look ahead lines, only to emerge twice as much favored last Sunday. The Panthers were projected as -2.5 favorites at home to the Cardinals but emerged as the -3 favorites when all was said and done, largely down to their commanding win over the Seahawks in comparison to Cardinals’ nerve-wracking, nail-biting win over the Packers that almost went the other way.


Advanced Super Bowl 50 Spreads and Totals at Westgate
Westgate Las Vegas SuperBook has posted advanced spreads and totals for Super Bowl 50, allowing those NFL bettors who’d rather get in on the action sooner rather than later to do just that. All four possible scenarios are being offered on projected advanced lines before the actual lines are revealed this weekend.

Arizona vs. New England
Advanced Line:
NE -3, 49

Arizona vs. Denver
Advanced Line:
ARI -3, 44.5

Carolina vs. New England
Advanced Line:
NE -1, 47.5

Carolina vs. Denver
Advanced Line:
CAR-3, 43


In all scenarios involving the defending champions the Patriots are expected to be in the advantage on the NFL Odds Board. In the case of the second seed Cardinals emerging the Patriots would be field goal favorites while in the case of top seed Panthers emerging the Patriots would be merely the -1 favorites – a negligible edge that could be quickly eradicated by ensuing NFL betting action coming down the wire.

It’s interesting to note that Westgate offers up no scenario in which the Broncos would be favored at all. In both cases, they’re being projected as the +3 underdogs. Surely, a win over the Patriots would warrant better NFL odds than those?

Of course, everything depends on the accounts of the Conference champions. If the Patriots decimate the Broncos at Mile High and, at the same time, the Panthers and Cardinals play it close, one would expect the Patriots to emerge at least with a field goal edge over the Panthers. Similarly, if the Broncos blowout the Patriots and either Panthers or Cardinals emerge victorious in a close fought affair, one would expect Denver to get more consideration on the NFL odds board.

Where the market falls is anybody’s guess. What is obvious from these advanced line servings is that all four possible matchups will be matched closely on the NFL odds board, serving up tight Super Bowl betting margins.


Current Super Bowl 50 Odds To Win Outright

At the end of the 2014-2015 season, odds makers went to press with an early serving of Super Bowl 50 futures. Then the Seattle Seahawks lead the Top 5 favorites as the +500 favorites to win it all while the Patriots were matched at +600. Green Bay Packers emerged as the +700 favorites while the Denver Broncos were matched at +800. Finally, rounding out the Top 5 were the Indianapolis Colts at +1200. 

Arizona Cardinals were a distant hope at +2500 while the Carolina Panthers were barely in sight at +3000 NFL odds. As it is, the pair stack up as the surprise of the regular season and the playoffs to boot; each having a hand in dismissing one of the aforementioned Top 5 in the divisional round. Not least of all, one will reach Super Bowl 50 when all is said and done this weekend, earning a chance to fight for the coveted prize and, potentially, even cashing at the sports betting window.

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