NFL Gossip: Rams & Michael Sam, Manziel & the Browns

Swinging Johnson

Wednesday, May 14, 2014 7:51 PM UTC

Wednesday, May. 14, 2014 7:51 PM UTC

Each week Swinger takes a look at gossip, rumor and innuendo making the rounds off the field of play, and how it may affect sports betting odds down the road.

The Kiss Seen ‘Round the World
Did you see it? 

If so, did you see it, and look away?

Damn homophobes you are!!

Well, that would be the battle cry anyway of the politically correct crowd who witnessed the Rams’ seventh-round draft pick Michael Sam’s smooch and subsequent cake lick on his boyfriend as a groundbreaking, if not polarizing, NFL moment. 

It’s a very dicey world we live in, and any trace of exclusion, derision or, yes, even repulsion regarding virtually any group is met with shock, horror, and anger by the PC crowd. Now I understand, and agree wholeheartedly that bullying or intimidation of any group with the notable exception of pedophiles, rapists and serial killers should be met with our abject condemnation. In the case of Michael Sam, I as a heterosexual male with a Roman Catholic upbringing, had to reconcile that had he kissed a girlfriend as opposed to his boyfriend, then that would be considered pretty much standard fare on such a momentous occasion.   

I watched the initial kiss, shuddered a bit, and then admonished myself that he had every right to do what so many other young men would do, and have done, had their better half been standing inches away when the call from their new NFL employer was received. However, the cake smush into his paramour’s face followed by the tongue licking of said face, was the big f*** you to all the football fans from Middle America, and the Bible Belt trying desperately (or so we would hope) to reconcile their conservative views with the inclusivity of this new millennium. 

It was over the top, and emblematic of the very reason why there is such a schism between gays wanting, and deserving their rights relative to those who are slow, or unwilling to accept them. There will be those who will never tolerate their “lifestyle,” but there are millions who can be convinced that people with an alternative sexual preference deserve our support and not our disdain. Michael Sam made a conscious, and even contrived, decision to showboat rather than assimilate. 

So, the bottom line is how will Sam’s manufactured, and “fabulous” celebration go over with the St. Louis Rams brass who took a chance on drafting a controversial figure? One, I might add, who could have conceivably gone undrafted based on nothing more than his perceived lack of skills transitioning at the next level. There are no doubt more than a few Ram players who have considerable reservations about Michael Sam. Reservations can quickly become distractions, and distractions are never a welcome presence in the locker room. Those reservations may now have morphed into full blown objections after Sam’s post draft performance.

Perhaps this seventh round pick will never see a regular season game, and it might have nothing, (or maybe everything) to do with his play on the practice field.  We may never know, but there is a distinct possibility that we may have witnessed what just might turn out to be the most expensive tongue bath in NFL history.

Johnny Football
Our resident handicapper and logic guru extraordinaire LT Profits was dead nuts on when he stated that Johnny Football would not go in the top five overall, and you could get a pretty penny back from 'over'+5.5 (+130) as well as Blake Bortles (+260) in NFL odds to go before Manziel. Those were two dynamite NFL picks and woe to those who questioned his superior logic.  LT Profits, we at SBR salute you!

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