NFL & College Football Betting: You Have To Be A Pro To Beat The Prick!

Swinging Johnson

Wednesday, November 23, 2016 7:49 PM UTC

Wednesday, Nov. 23, 2016 7:49 PM UTC

We've entered that part of the season where now only the professionals are allowed to beat the Prick! If you're a sharpshooter in your NFL picks, college football choices or both -- then you need to get in on the action!

No Amateurs -- Only Pros

The herd has been thinned and now the only entrants left in SBR's annual Beat the Prick contest are bona-fide SBR pros. That's right, I said bona and I happen to have a Boston accent so there you go, another double entendre and thinly-veiled nuance. Nevertheless, the contest is free to enter so there's nothing to lose. If you are an SBR pro in good standing, just take a minute to register -- or if you want to sign up to be an SBR pro then do it now! Don't delay because each and every week SBR is giving away 150,000 free play points distributed to all those who beat the Prick.

No, you don't have to make a video with your pants around your ankles to prove to us that you are supremely confident in your "handiwork." We need you to be supremely confident in your sports handicapping abilities where you choose your five best NFL pickscollege football picks or a combination of both. All picks are made against the NFL odds or college football odds spreads and that's all there is to it. Oh, I did forget to mention one thing: You must make one of those five plays a Best Bet, which counts double if you win and double if you lose. Four plays are worth one unit (I said unit) while the Best Bet is worth two.


Do I Know This Prick?

The only way you could possibly have met the man known as The Prick is if you happen to reside in some godforsaken hell-hole in the southeastern United States. That's about as close as anyone has gotten to him as he smells almost as bad as he gambles. Case in point: Last week, The Prick went 0-4-1 ATS. That's right, he was downright dreadful, though his season record is at least downright mediocre with a 26-26-3 ATS mark.

Yes, you can call him Vlad the Impaler, The Artful Throbber, Woody Womb Pecker, The Taco Warmer or the Muff Marauder, but I call him The Prick because the name fits just about as snug as a USC Trojan. If you are one of the many who beat the Prick's weekly ATS record and total units of his five best selections, then you will get your share of those 150,000 free play points that SBR distributes each and every week. The better your record, the bigger your share. If the Prick beats you, then no free play points but there's always next week. Oh, and when you do beat him -- and you will -- use those free play points in the SBR sportsbook. If you win, those play points become legitimate SBR points that you can bet again at the SBR sportsbook, casino or turn them into the SBR store for a prize. The more points the bigger the better the swag.

Get in on the action and register here because once the NFL regular season is over, you'll have to wait another year to beat The Prick!

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