NFL Betting: Week 14 Game-by-Game Over/Under Picks

Nikki Adams

Thursday, December 4, 2014 1:38 PM GMT

Thursday, Dec. 4, 2014 1:38 PM GMT

Here's a look at all the games on week 14's NFL betting slate, their corresponding odds and our score predictions for over-under bettors.

Week 13 Betting Recap Over-Under
We bounced back from an abominable week 12 with a standout winning record for our week 13 NFL predictions for over-under bettors. At the close of Monday Night Football betting, we emerged with an 11-5 record with our NFL picks, to improve our total performance to   86-57-1 through the last ten weeks. So let's get cracking with our week 14 over-under picks.

Cowboys vs. Bears O/U 51.0
Tony Romo and Dallas O-line that had been averaging 26.5-points per game prior to week 13 NFL betting could only muster up 10-points against the Eagles in a pivotal divisional clash last Thursday. By and large, the expectation is for the Romo and the Cowboys to bounce back against a struggling Bears side that is out of the playoff conversation. With a little bit of help from a Bears defense that is leaking 28-points per game this season, a mark that swells to 34.2-points per game allowed  since week 4 NFL betting (the worst mark in the NFL), the Cowboys could well be poised for a big performance at Soldier Field. Dallas are 6-5-1 in over-under betting while Chicago are 7-5 in over-under betting this season.

Free NFL Pick: Over 51.0

Ravens vs. Dolphins  O/U 45.0
NFL Trend sheets reveal the Ravens have owned the Dolphins in South Beach, winning their last three meetings in a row. Ravens are 4-1 SU in their last five overall meetings with the Dolphins, all while cashing on the OVER three times. Ravens have gone OVER in six of their last seven road games; they are 7-5 over-under this season. Both offenses are capable of putting up more than 25-points per game based on their PPG's this season. Defenses are similarly stingy averaging just 20-points per game allowed. This game could go either way given the high stakes on the line: a spot in the playoffs. It could be a battle of the trenches between two solid defenses or it could turn into a shootout between two very potent offenses. It's a coin toss, but for our money we're leaning towards the OVER; it's been a predominant trend when these two sides collide.

Free NFL Pick: Over 45.0

Panthers vs. Saints O/U 49.5
Saints offense is averaging 26.9-points per game this season while their defense is leaking 26.5-points per game. Panthers, meanwhile, are putting up a measly 19-points per game while defense is allowing 27.6-points per game. Saints are 9-3 in over-under betting this season while the Panthers are 7-5 in over-under betting. Drew Brees and his O-line can be trusted to put up a lot of points and with the help of the sieve for a defense on the Panthers side, this game should go OVER.

Free NFL Pick: Over 49.5

Texans  vs. Jaguars O/U 42.5
Texans are 7-5 in over-under betting this season, a mark they improved last week when they singlehandedly covered the point-total set by odds makers in 45-21 win over the Titans. Ryan Fitzpatrick doesn't normally score six touchdowns and account for 300-plus passing yards, but that's the benchmark he's set for himself ahead of week 14 NFL betting. Jaguars are 7-5 in over-under betting this season, largely down to a defense that leaks 27.4-points per game.

Free NFL Pick: Over 42.5

Colts vs. Browns O/U 49.5
Andrew Luck and the Colts' O-line can be quite potent on occasion, but against the Cleveland Browns on the road, they'll have a tough time scoring. Browns defense is allowing just 20.4-points per game and their games have been cashing on the UNDER most recently. They are 5-7 in over-under betting this season, which includes holding New Orleans and Atlanta to just 24 points, respectively; Steelers to just 10 points and Bengals to just 3 points. Browns' have also named Brian Hoyer as the starter, which we know means a less dynamic offense than it might have been with Manziel.

Free NFL Pick: Under 49.5

Giants vs. Titans O/U 46.0
This game is a complete tossup. Flip a coin and make your NFL Pick. Whichever way you slice it, you can justify your choice. It's one of the most irrelevant games on week 14's NFL betting menu as both teams' seasons are done and dusted. Both sides boast an unreliable offense and woeful defense. Last week, the Texans hung 45 points on the Titans while the Jaguars beat the Giants 25-24. Giants are 8-4 in over-under betting and Titans are 6-6 in over-under betting.

Free NFL Pick: Under 46.0

Jets vs. Vikings O/U 40.5
The Vikings are 4-8 in over-under betting this season and 3-3 over-under at home. Most recently, they beat the woeful Panthers 31-13 to cash on the OVER in week 13 NFL betting. It marked their second OVER in their last three home games. On average, however, Vikings score 19.4-points per game while the Jets score an average of 15.8 points per game. On the defensive side of the ball, the Jets and Vikings have plenty of options. Hence, the rather low total on the NFL odds board.

Free NFL Pick: Under 46.0

Steelers vs. Bengals O/U 47.0
Steelers are 8-4 in over-under betting behind an offense that is averaging 26.7-points per game and a defense that is allowing 24.8-points per game. Bengals, by contrast, are averaging 21.7-points per game of offense and allowing 20.6-points per game. By and large, the expectation is for a close game between these two divisional rivals. The Steelers offense has been lighting up the scoreboard over the last few weeks, cashing on the OVER in five of their last six games. Bengals' defense has been the story over the last four games, cashing on the UNDER in all four. Something is going to have to give when these two sides collide. Past NFL betting odds reveal a 1-4 mark in over-under betting in their last five meetings. Yet, we're going out on a limb here and backing the OVER 47 on our NFL picks.

Free NFL Pick: Over 47.0

Rams vs. Redskins O/U 44.5
Rams are after a stellar, eye-popping 52-0 win over the Raiders in week 13 NFL betting, the most lopsided game in last week's round of gridiron action in which they singlehandedly accounted for the total points. Redskins, meanwhile, were railroaded by the Colts 49-27 all while Colt McCoy was calling the plays. Rams are 7-5 in over-under betting this season and with a second straight cupcake team strewn in their path, they could very well ram their way to another big win.

Free NFL Pick: Over 44.5

Bucs vs. Lions O/U 41.5
Detroit Lions are 3-9 in over-under betting largely down to their solid defense that is allowing just 17.25 points per game. Bucs boast a stagnant offense that is averaging 18.3-points per game. Their modest defense is allowing 26.1-points per game, but that number is skewed by the 54-points they gave up to Atlanta earlier this season. Most pundits and NFL bettors are tipping this game to go below the 41.5-point total. We agree. Take the UNDER on your NFL picks.

Free NFL Pick: Under 41.5

Bills vs. Broncos O/U 47.5
Denver Broncos are 8-4 in over-under betting and 5-1 in over-under betting at home. Buffalo Bills have been the best UNDER performers this season with a 2-10 over-under record through 12 rounds of NFL betting. Their defense is largely responsible for that trend, allowing just 18-points per game. It's going to be hard to contain Peyton Manning to such low numbers at Mile High, however, no matter how good the defense is. Peyton and the Broncos are averaging 30.1-points per game.  

Free NFL Pick: Over 47.5

Chiefs vs. Cardinals O/U 40.5
When two defensive-minded outfits collide, the tendency is to back the UNDER on NFL picks. Chiefs are 4-8 in over-under betting while the Cardinals are 4-7-1 in over-under betting this season. If both teams play not to lose because they lost their last two in a row, the focus will be on their respective defenses, yet again.  That said the Chiefs offense has averaged 23.1-points per game while Cardinals' offense has averaged 21.5-points per game. The stakes are high and if they play to win, this could be more of an offensive showing that the bookies are clearly portraying on the NFL odds board. We're leaning towards the latter to push the total ever so slightly over the 40.5-point mark.

Free NFL Pick: Over 40.5

Seahawks vs. Eagles O/U 48.5
The marquee game of the week's schedule pits two of the best NFC exports this season. Eagles are 8-4 in over-under betting and 5-1 in over-under betting at home. Offense has been averaging 31.25-points per game, hobnobbing with the likes of Tom Brady, Peyton Manning and Aaron Rogers. Seahawks, meanwhile, are coming off back-to-back strong defensive performances in which they held the Niners and Cardinals to a 19-3 score, respectively. That said Russell Wilson can crank it up a notch when he needs to. Seahawks are 7-5 in over-under betting and the Seahawks offense is averaging approximately 25-points per game. If this game lives up to its billing, it should be the shootout on the week's NFL betting slate.

Free NFL Pick: Over 48.5

Niners vs. Raiders O/U 41.0
Niners continue to live and die by their defense. Defense has been winning games for the most part and when they've faltered so has their offense. Overall, Niners are 4-8 in over-under betting. Raiders will be motivated to atone for the 52-0 blowout by the Rams last weekend, but getting past the Niners defense is going to be a huge challenge, if not impossible.

Free NFL Pick: Under 41.0

Falcons vs. Packers O/U 55.5
Packers have been cashing on the OVER more often than not this season. Packers are 9-3 in over-under betting, and their two of their last three home games have seen the Packers hang 50-plus points on opponents, not unlike the Falcons with a shaky defense. Falcons may be 5-7 in over-under betting but their cupcake defense is hardly going to provide enough resistance to Aaron Rodgers and his potent O-line.

Free NFL Pick: Over 55.5


Patriots vs. Chargers O/U 51.0
Patriots are one of the highest scoring teams this season, having posted 378 points through 12 games for an average of 31.5-points per game. On the defensive side of the ball they are allowing just 21.1-points per game. Since week 4, however, Tom Brady and the Patriots' offense have lit up the scoreboard, averaging 37.25-points per game over 8 games. Four times they scored over 40-points, including a whopping 51-23 win over the Bears in week 8, and twice they've scored above 30-points. Chargers have been averaging 23.25 points per game while conceding just 20.75 points per game. Over-under trends for Patriots are 8-4 overall and 4-2 on the road, while the Chargers are 6-6 overall this season and 3-3 at home. NFL betting trends reveal 73% of the public is backing the OVER, largely down to the strength of Patriots' offense. We're inclined to agree. Tom Brady and company succumbed to a 26-21 loss in Green Bay last week, a game that went UNDER market expectations but not for a lack of opportunity. Patriots missed key scoring chances at Lambeau, missed opportunities they'll be sure to have ironed out before their date with the Chargers.

NFL Picks: Over 51.0

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