NFL Betting: Week 12 Game-by-Game Over/Under Picks

Nikki Adams

Thursday, November 20, 2014 8:31 PM UTC

Thursday, Nov. 20, 2014 8:31 PM UTC

Join us as we serve up over-under predictions for all week 12's NFL games in this comprehensive column, complete with analyses and current NFL odds.

Week 11 NFL Betting Recap
Last week, many unexpected results occurred, none more so than the lacklustre game between the Denver Broncos and St. Louis Rams that went well under the 50-point total set by odds makers. Despite such setbacks, we still managed to go 8-6 with our NFL picks to improve our tally to 70-42-1 over the last eight weeks.


Chiefs vs. Raiders O/U 42.0
Thursday Night Primetime football betting has gone 7-3 in over-under betting, the most recent trend: three straight UNDERs. Given that the Chiefs have gone 3-7-0 in over-under betting this season, largely down to their top-ranked passing offense, the UNDER 42.0 in this matchup is tempting. However, Chiefs also boast the 4th ranked rushing offense that averages 141.2 yards per game. Raiders, meanwhile, have the 27th ranked defense against the rush. Pitting those two units against one another, the OVER 42.0 looks better in our opinion.

NFL Picks: Over 42.0


Bengals vs. Texans O/U43.5
Bengals' offense averages 22.4-points per game while the Texans' offenses average 22.9-points per game. On the defensive side of the ball, both teams give up almost just as many points. Over-under trends reveal the Bengals are 4-6 in over-under betting while the Texans are 6-4 over-under betting. Texans' offense looks to have perked up under Ryan Mallet while Andy Dalton on a good day, firing at all cylinders, can be unstoppable. Take the OVER 43.5-points on your NFL picks.

NFL Picks: Over 43.5


Browns vs. Falcons O/U 47.0
The Falcons offense has been inconsistent this season and defense almost non-existent, altogether they are just 3-7 in over-under betting overall this season. At home the Falcons have played better and are 2-1 in over-under betting. The Browns started the season scoring OVER preset totals consistently. In recent weeks, they've been consistently scoring on the UNDER behind solid defensive accounts. Overall, they are 4-6 in over-under betting. We're hanging our hat on the Browns' defense, which allows just 19.5-points per game, to keep this game below the NFL odds in total betting.

NFL Picks: Under 47.0


Lions vs. Patriots O/U 48.0 
Whether this game goes OVER or UNDER depends on which aspect rules: Patriots' offense or Lions' defense. Patriots' offense alone can account for the bulk of these points if allowed to run roughshod. Patriots are 8-2 in over-under betting this season, averaging 32.3-points per game. At the Foxborough, the Patriots are 4-1 in over-under betting. Lions' defense is very good, but holding back Tom Brady and Company appears nigh impossible these days.

NFL Picks: Over 48.0


Packers vs. Vikings O/U 48.5
Aaron Rodgers and the Packers are unstoppable at the moment. They are 9-1 in over-under betting this season. The highest scoring team with 33-points per game and they are after back-to-back 50-plus-point accounts. Vikings' offense can also light up with Teddy Bridgewater, particularly when playing on home turf. The popular NFL pick in this game is the OVER 48.5 and we agree.

NFL Picks: Over 48.5


Jaguars vs. Colts O/U 50.0
The last time these two sides met, the Colts thrashed the Jaguars 44-17. Overall, the Colts are 8-2 in over-under betting this season, largely down to an offense that produces approximately 31-points on average per game. Put against a Jaguars' defense that allows on average 28.2-points per game, and this divisional showdown looks to be headed for the OVER 50-point total set by odds makers on the NFL betting floor.

NFL Picks:  Over 50.0


Jets vs. Bills O/U 39.0
The Jets are 5-5 in over-under betting this season while the Bills are steady UNDER contenders with a 2-8 over-under record. Odds makers have rolled out a rather low total for this game, set to 39-points. On one hand, down to the Bills' defense, which is a tough nut to crack. On the other, weather conditions this week in Buffalo are grim. Snow and freezing temperatures are on the forecast, both of which point towards a low-scoring affair as both teams struggle to overcome each other and mother nature.

NFL Picks: Under 39.0


Buccaneers vs. Bears O/U 46.0
Buccaneers boast a stunted offense that produces just 19.4-points per game and a defense that has leaked like a sieve, allowing 27.9-points per game. Bears have a good offense on paper, but they've only managed to produce 21.5-points per game. On the defensive side of the ball, they are slightly more porous than the Buccaneers with an average of 29-points per game allowed. This game could go either way, Last week, the Bears snapped a losing skid behind a 21-13 win over the Vikings. There were promising signs on offense that have us leaning towards a better offensive offering in this game. Take the OVER 46-points on your NFL picks.

NFL Picks: Over 46.0


Titans vs. Eagles O/U 48.5
Tennessee Titans' offense lit up under Zach Mettenberger's first game as the starter on Monday night. Eagles' high-paced offense can produce points at a fast clip, faster under Mark Sanchez than Nick Foles, if their win over the Panthers were any indication. The Eagles are 7-3 in over-under betting while the Titans are 4-6 in over-under betting. At home, the Eagles boast a 4-1 over-under record. Look for Chip Kelly and Mark Sanchez to bounce back in a big way this week after the thrashing at Lambeau Field in week 11 NFL betting.

NFL Picks: Over 48.5


Cardinals vs. Seahawks O/U 41.5
NFL betting trends reveal a distinct lean towards the UNDER 41.5-points in this game across NFL betting circles, tipping their hats to a Cardinals' defense that allows just 17.6-points per game and has held opponents to under 20-points in the last three games, including a 14-6 win over the Detroit Lions in week 11 NFL betting. Cardinals' offense produces on average 23.7-points and twice in their last six games they scored 30-plus points. Seahawks are 7-3 in over-under betting this season, 4-1 at home. On average, they produce 26-points per game. Sportsbooks have rolled out a rather low 41.5-point total in deference to the defensive abilities of both teams. Clearly, there is enough potent offense in both camps to push this total OVER though.

NFL Picks: Over 41.5


Rams vs. Chargers O/U 43.5
San Diego Chargers are 4-6 in over-under betting this season, which includes a conspicuous offensive letdown over the last month. On average, the Chargers account for 21.8-points, but over the last four games, they've managed an average of 13.5-points, including a shutout loss to Miami. Raiders are 5-5 in over-under betting this season and average just 15.2-points per game while defense leaks26.5-points per game. To all intents and purposes, this game is appropriately set to a low 43.5-point total on the NFL odds board. What's more, the UNDER would appear to be the smart NFL pick.

NFL Picks: Under 43.5


Dolphins  vs. Broncos O/U 48.5
The Broncos enjoyed an unprecedented outing in St. Louis last week, held to a touchdown through four quarters in a 22-7 loss to the Rams. It's not often the Broncos' offense sparks out so, which makes it an anomaly. Highly unlikely to enjoy a repeat, especially not in week 12 NFL betting when they host the Dolphins at Mile High. Peyton Manning and the Broncos offense average 30-points per game. At home, they been averaging 35-points per game. Miami are 4-6 in over-under betting this season, 0-4 in over-under betting on the road. This is the first time they come up against a high-powered offense on the road however. Take the OVER 48.5 on your NFL picks.

NFL Picks: Over 48.5


Redskins vs. 49ers  O/U 44.0
Niners' defense is amongst the stingiest in the league, allowing 21.2-points per game. They've stepped it up since a week 8 bye, allowing just 15.6-points through three games, including a 13-10 loss to St. Louis, an overtime 27-24 win over the Saints and 16-10 win over the Giants in week 11 NFL betting. Redskins' defense by comparison allows 26-points per game on average and over the last three games the Redskins have been outscored 53-to-73. Everything about this game suggests the UNDER is the savvy NFL pick. Yet, NFL betting trends reveal a conspicuous lean towards the OVER 44.0.

NFL Picks: Over 44.0


Cowboys vs. Giants O/U 47.5
Dallas Cowboys and New York Giants collide in a highly-anticipated Sunday Night Primetime clash. Both sides have cashed on the OVER more than the UNDER this season. Giants are 6-4 in over-under betting while the Cowboys are 5-4-1 in over-under betting. Dallas' offense averages 26.1-points per game while the Giants' defense allows 26.3-points per game. On the flipside of the coin, Giants' offense accounts for 21-points while the Cowboys' defense concedes 21-points. Recent trends in both camps lean towards the OVER. Indeed, almost 70% of the NFL betting public is backing the OVER in total betting on week 12's NFL odds board.

NFL Picks: Over 47.5


Ravens vs. Saints O/U 50.0
Monday's Night Primetime clash between the Ravens and Saints reveals consensus betting of 70% on the OVER 50 across sports betting platforms. Saints are 7-3 over-under betting while Ravens are 5-5 in over-under betting. Saints average 26-points on offense and concede almost just as much on defense. Ravens also account for 26-points on offense, but they are complemented by a better defense that allows 18.1-points per game. In recent weeks, Monday's clashes have cashed on OVER, a trend that could continue between these two sides. Take the OVER on your NFL picks.

NFL Picks: Over 50.0


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