NFL Betting: Washington Redskins Offense Report Card

Jordan Sharp

Tuesday, July 16, 2013 7:46 PM UTC

Tuesday, Jul. 16, 2013 7:46 PM UTC

Should we look at this team as very under or overvalued in the NFL Odds? Their offense will tell us a lot about that in the coming weeks, so let’s take a brief look back before we look into what the 'Skins will look like offensively this season.

It was a season to remember in Washington, DC, as the Redskins and rookie, Robert Griffin III stormed through the NFC East and won the division at 10-6 SU. Unfortunately for the 'Skins and their fans, that wasn’t the biggest story of the season. Things are literally on the mend this summer, but Washington is recovering nicely. Let's see how they're shaping up for this upcoming season in the NFL odds

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2012 recap

We already know that RG3 is recovering from a torn ACL, and even though he is said to be “ahead of schedule,” that is a vague statement in the football world; especially a team known for rushing players back. On the bright side however, the league’s leading rushing offense should be just as dangerous this season. Alf Morris was a revelation last season for the Redskins. The rookie 6th round pick ran for over 1600 yards and 13 touchdowns last season, but he did have four fumbles (lost three). For you fantasy fanatics out there, the 'Skins drafted two running backs late, one in the 5th and one in the 7th round. So if you’re like me, remember the names Chris Thompson from Florida St. and Jawan Jamison from Rutgers. Maybe not for this year, but Mike Shanahan changed running backs like some women change clothes

Much like other QBs that I have talked about this offseason, I expect RG3 to run a lot less in 2013. I still expect at least five or 600 rushing yards, but the days of him rushing for 800 yards are done. The 'Skins obviously have a ton of options in their backfield this season.

Question marks

I’ve been saying it all summer, and with only days before the start of training camp, the question of health for the Redskins is still the biggest concern. Handicapping a team with multiple injuries and adding them to any future NFL odds bet is risky business. Although the upside is there, Washington’s infirmary was overflowing last season.

The 'Skins had a total of 75 games missed by starters last season on both sides of the ball, and they placed several key offensive players in IR last season. Fred Davis, Jamaal Brown and of course RG3 were just a few of the bigger injuries last season in Washington. Brown is gone, Davis is back, and Griffin is on pace to participate some in training camp according to reports.

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Offensive grades

The resigning of Davis is big for this team. He only got a one-year contract coming off the torn Achilles, but he resumed football activities last month, and he should be a go for training camp. With Pierre Garcon still not 100%, Davis’ presence will be huge for RG3’s 2nd season.

With limited money this offseason because of the salary cap hit, the Redskins were hampered on who they could bring in in and retain. They snagged Devry Henderson, and they resigned Tyler Polumbus, but other than that there weren’t many transactions made this offseason in Washington. While I respect the effort, with the salary cap hit and RG-Knee, I can’t give the 'Skins better than a ‘C’ this offseason. I need to see a lot more in the preseason, and I have a suspicion I wont see enough. At least, not enough for my NFL picks.

My Grade: C

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