NFL Betting: Trades and Free Agency Update

Jordan Sharp

Thursday, April 4, 2013 7:59 PM UTC

Thursday, Apr. 4, 2013 7:59 PM UTC

We have reached April, and as league business -when it comes to trades and free agency- is winding down, we still have had some major developments for certain teams.

NFL Trade and free agency update 

Some more quarterbacks have been on the move, and as the carousel continues to turn, let’s take a look at the most recent developments in the NFL and how that might affect the NFL odds.

Quarterback carousel

The last week has been pretty busy with QBs heading to other teams. It all started with Matt Flynn. Flynn, if you recalled, was Aaron Rodgers’ back up and after one start, he signed with Seattle only to be upstaged by rookie sensation Russell Wilson. Well, Flynn went on the move again this past week as he was traded to the Raiders.

Oakland gave up only a 5th round pick in next year’s draft and a conditional pick in the 2015 draft. Flynn will now come in as the seemingly undisputed starter because the Raiders only have Terrelle Pryor on their roster because of the recent trade of Carson Palmer.

Palmer was shipped to the Cardinals just a day or so ago, and it almost seems like he never got his feet under him in Oakland before being cast out. Palmer was pretty bad in his short stint there, and Oakland traded him to the team with the worst offensive line in football. Some hard feelings perhaps? 

To complete the carousel, recently released Kevin Kolb formerly of the Cards signed a deal with the Bills a few days ago. Kolb was injured and pretty bad with Arizona, which kind of describes all of the QBs that I have talked about. Underachieving and injury was the story of their 2012 seasons, as well as their respective teams (with the exception of Flynn who never played). 

They all three have a shot at turning things around this upcoming season with their new teams, but between the Raiders, Cardinals and Bills, there is almost zero chance of doing anything in the future odds. Besides the Titans and Jaguars, these three teams have the worst future odds of any NFL team this season. While these moves may do some good resurrecting one or more of these guys’ careers, they aren’t suddenly giving them a playoff shot.

Coaching Changes in the NFL~

Draft lulls and future signings

It seems as if since the draft is less than a month away, teams are starting to move their focus away from the free agency market and focus on who they are going to pick out of the college ranks to help them compete next season. Although signings and trades might still happen up until draft night and even on draft night which is April 25th.

However, there are some serious players that are still looking at signing extensions to stay with their current teams. Most of these guys are entering the last years of their current deals, and with names like Aaron Rodgers, Victor Cruz and others still looking for extensions, I am a firm believer that some of play from some of these players could be affected if deals and extensions can’t be worked out. That could seriously have an effect on future odds, as holdouts become more and more likely. While I doubt very much drama is going to come up, the situation in New York with Cruz could turn volatile. He recently signed with Jay-Z, so I won’t put anything out of the question. 

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