NFL Betting Specials: Prop Picks on Any Team Going 16-0 Undefeated

Jordan Sharp

Tuesday, April 28, 2015 3:16 PM UTC

Tuesday, Apr. 28, 2015 3:16 PM UTC

In NFL history only Patriots has gone undefeated, & they happened to be Super Bowl XLIX Champs. However do the Pats, or any team have a shot this season to go undefeated? Lets check the NFL odds.

Novelty bet
Since only one team has ever went a full regular season without losing, it’s hard to feel confident that any team will do it. Considering it’s rarely been done, the NFL odds to do so are probably not that great, even if they are tempting. Some weeks teams don’t bring it, or just don’t have what it takes to win, and this is still the NFL, and most any team can be beaten on any given week.

On top of it never happening, it’s only happened four times in NFL history since 1934. That’s an incredible span of time to only have four undefeated teams, and three of them had to win 14 games or less. Simply put, don’t waste your money on a season-long undefeated prop, especially because it doesn’t look like any team is going to have value in that spot. However there are a few teams that it could be a possibility, so to keep my editors off my back, here’s a look at the only team that I think has a legitimate chance of going undefeated this season.


Indianapolis Colts
The Colts have a ton going for them this season, and while I still think they might lose two or three games, if EVERYTHING goes right for them this season, they do have a chance at being undefeated. For starters they play in one of the worst divisions in football, and their non-divisional schedule this season isn’t that rough either. Four games against the Titans and Jaguars will always help pad their win total, and after an 11 win season in 2014, the Colts looked poised to take the plunge into a potential #1 seed.

However to go undefeated, the Colts will still have to get by both the defending champions, and the Denver Broncos, which are two tall orders. However they get to play both of those teams at home this season, which is one of the only reasons I can justify taking them here to go undefeated. However after those two games, the Colts schedule is much easier. They have the 31st ranked strength of schedule this season behind only the Falcons, and after the Denver ad New England games, their next toughest opponent all season will likely be the Texans in Houston, or at home against the Saints. Still, these are two very winnable games.

The Colts’ defense may be the biggest barrier or bridge to a perfect season. The defense started the year playing relatively well in 2014, however by the end of the season the Colts’ defense was right back to giving up big yards. However additions like Trent Cole, Nate Irving and Kendall Langford should really help the defense. The Colts also added a ton of offensive weapons like Andre Johnson, Frank Gore and Vincent Brown, and all three could have a huge impact on this offense. While I’m not personally going to do it, the Colts would be the only team I could justify and back as a valuable NFL pick to go undefeated.

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