NFL Betting: SBR's 2014 NFL Mock Draft

Jordan Sharp

Tuesday, February 4, 2014 7:10 PM UTC

Tuesday, Feb. 4, 2014 7:10 PM UTC

Now that the NFL season is officially over, we are fully in the offseason swing. The NFL draft will dominate offseason conversation, and we are just getting started. Teams are busy studying college prospects and it will ramp up during the NFL Combine later this month. 

The long seven-month NFL offseason starts now and it’s never too early to start looking ahead. Although we still have a little over three months until the NFL Draft, I am here to give you a look at the potential conversations going on amongst teams, and who the current top ten teams might be looking at.

2014 NFL Draft Predictions: NFL Betting

  1. Texans – The Texans currently own the #1 pick, and between the time I recorded the video and wrote the actual article, we had a little bit of breaking news in regards to the Texans. In the video I mentioned the Texans could draft a QB, but I didn’t think they wanted to use the #1 overall pick on one. However reports are the Texans might be trying to decide between UCF’s Blake Bortles, and Texas A&M’s Johnny Manziel. This would be a huge shake up for the draft, because the next team might be looking to trade out.
  1. Rams – Here were go again with the Rams wanting to trade out of a spot they traded into just a couple years ago. Because the Redskins finished poorly, the Rams own the #2 pick, and even though it would be cool if they drafted Jadeveon Clowney, there are about three or four teams that need a QB. If the Texans draft either Bortles or Manziel #1, it could send a shockwave through the draft, and lead to the #2 pick potentially being more valuable to the Rams as a trade chip than Clowney would to their team.   
  1. Jaguars – One team that really needs a QB is the Jags, however Jacksonville could also be the first team to really be in play for Clowney. He would be a force on that defensive line opposite of Justin Babin, but the Jags might see their need to fix their QB situation as more dire. Teddy Bridgewater is not out of the question here either if the QB dominos start falling early.
  1. Browns – The Browns are another team that really needs a QB, but if someone else trades up for the #2 pick like the Vikings or maybe even the Raiders, the Browns could find themselves out of luck. This may be the trickiest spot to draft in for a team that probably needs a QB more than the Texans or the Jags.
  1. Raiders – The Raiders are another team who might be thinking QB, but more likely it’s the skill position that interests the Raiders the most. Although it would not surprise me to see them draft a QB, it’s more likely they are thinking WR here.

Early Look at the 2014 NFL Free Agency Picture

  1. Falcons – The Falcons are the first team that is almost certainly going defense with this pick. The Falcons need help in two big areas on defense, line backing, and the secondary. I have to think this is where they will go with the #6 pick. They are hoping all the QBs fly off the board early, because it gives them positioning to potentially grab Clowney if he for some reason falls out of the top five. However unlikely as that may be, if three of the first five picks are quarterbacks, it’s remotely possible.
  1. Bucs – Lovie Smith is going to want to shape his defense his way with Tampa, and although they don’t need a lot of work on that side of the ball, you have to think the Bucs are going to go defense with their first round pick as well. Since their secondary and defensive line are both good, I am guessing the Bucs will go with a pass rushing linebacker in this spot.
  1. Vikings – If QBs fly off the board early, the Vikings might need to move up in the draft if they want to snag one. Sitting at #8, and probably only behind Cleveland in their actual need for a QB, the Vikings would love it if Bridgewater fell to them, but it seems unlikely he will if three of the top five teams take QBs.
  1. Bills – The Bills are the first team that I really have no idea where they are looking. They could go a number of different ways with this pick, and it all is determined by what happens in the first eight picks. They might just have to go best player available here, which would possibly put them drafting an OT.
Lions – If the Bills are the ultimate wildcard, outside of the teams that really need a QB, the Lions are the next most certain on where they will go. They absolutely need help in the secondary, and I have to believe that is where they will head in the draft. They could really use help at corner.
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