NFL Betting: Picking All Week 15 Winners

Nikki Adams

Thursday, December 11, 2014 2:31 PM UTC

Thursday, Dec. 11, 2014 2:31 PM UTC

From week to week there are winners and loser on the NFL betting floor. We turn to the complete NFL betting card for week 15, analyse the matchups and serve up predictions. Find out which teams we believe will clinch the crucial W in this pivotal week.    

Week 14 NFL Betting Recap
We had a brilliant turnout with our straight up NFL picks for week 14 going 12-4 by the end of Monday Night Football betting. Our stellar performance last week saw us improve to 81-50-1 through the last nine weeks of predicting SU winners. So let's get cracking with our NFL picks for week 15.  


Cardinals +190 vs. Rams -230
Cardinals have managed to overcome their injury woes and various obstacles to climb to the summit of the NFC West with a 10-3 SU record, but they are set to face a rejuvenated Rams team in week 15 NFL betting. The Rams may be a 6-7 SU team but they are playing at another level right now. Riding the momentum of back-to-back wins over the Raiders and Redskins, all while blanking both sides for a combined score of 76-0, the Rams loom formidable all of a sudden. Cardinals defense has earned many plaudits this season, but this is going to be a whole new ball game. You can't dismiss the kind of confidence a team gets after blanking opponents through eight quarters.

NFL Picks: Rams -230

Bengals -110 vs. Browns -120
The NFL betting lines are in flux at the moment, since news of Johnny "Football" Manziel getting his first career NFL start got out. Public betting opinion is split down the middle all of a sudden, leaning slightly towards the unknown entity and what he brings to the Browns offense rather than banking on the established Bengals behind Andy Dalton. Of course, it doesn't help when bookies roll out an NFL betting market that encourages such hair splitting. Certainly, it's going to be a tough divisional battle and a heated atmosphere between both teams. For our money, we're leaning towards the experience Dalton and the Bengals bring rather than rolling the dice with Manziel and his unpredictability.

NFL Picks: Bengals -110


Packers -225 vs. Bills +185
Aaron Rodgers and the Packers are on such a roll right now, winning five in a row by a considerable average margin that few bettors are going to contemplate backing the upset. As a general rule, home dogs cut an interesting figure on the NFL trading floor, especially a team that boasts a winning record overall. Where the Bills fall short is against quality opposition. They don't often beat top teams and the Packers are amongst the best this season with a 10-3 SU record and a 9.2-point margin of victory on average.

NFL Picks: Packers -225


Texans +230 vs. Colts -280
Indianapolis Colts averted disaster last week in Cleveland when Andrew Luck, drawing on his top quality, talent and skill, converted a last-gasp-90-yard-drive into a much-needed touchdown that lifted the Colts to the narrow 25-24 win. In so doing, the Colts extend their winning streak to three in a row. They face off against divisional rivals Houston Texans next, riding a two-game winning streak and looking for payback for a 33-28 loss to the Colts earlier this season.  Colts are 5-2 at home this season, which underscores their favourable -280 NFL odds to win SU. If there is going to be an upset on week 15's NFL betting card, this game could be the one to deliver. It's a long shot granted to back a Texans win in Indianapolis, but the Colts aren't infallible at home. There's only so much Luck can do on his own and their defense is beatable.

NFL Picks: Texans +230


Jaguars +625 vs. Ravens -950
The Jaguars are 0-6 SU on the road. The Ravens are flying high behind Joe Flacco right now, coming off a pivotal road win that put them back into the playoff conversation. It's hard to imagine the Ravens would let this straightforward W escape through their fingers. Shade the Ravens on your NFL picks.

NFL Picks: Ravens -950


Dolphins +280 vs. Patriots -360
Patriots are 10-3 SU on the season and 6-0 SU at home, the latter of which includes an 18.3-point margin of victory. Tom Brady and Company have thrown down the gauntlet against Denver, Cincinnati and Detroit at the Foxboro. They are fighting for top seed in the AFC and while this is always a tough matchup, a heated divisional rivalry, it would take something special by the Dolphins to snatch the victory on the road. There's also the small matter of payback motivating Tom Brady and the Patriots in this game after letting their first meeting in Miami this season slip through their fingers.

NFL Picks: Patriots -360


Raiders +450 vs. Chiefs -600
Kansas City Chiefs are in a must-win situation. They've lost three in a row since their defeat to the Raiders in week 12 NFL betting.  They have home advantage, where they are 4-2 this season. And it's time to put up or shut up, so to speak. Raiders are after a win over the Niners last week, which was a shocker that few could have predicted after their 52-0 loss to the Rams the week prior. Make no mistake, this is still a 2-11 SU team.

NFL Picks: Chiefs -600


Steelers -140 vs. Falcons +125
Pittsburgh Steelers defied the NFL odds to beat the Bengals on the road last weekend. They'll be looking to make it two in a row when they visit Atlanta and the ailing Falcons, who are 5-8 SU on the season and after a 43-37 loss to the Packers. Matt Ryan and the Falcons offense did everything possible and even put up a staggering 37 points (the most any team has managed to score at the Lambeau). But it was still not enough as the Falcons defense failed to stop Aaron Rodgers and the Packers potent offense. That has to hit hard. In the Steelers they face a quarterback that can score at will and a solid defense. It could be more of the same for the Falcons in this matchup: coming out on the wrong end of a shootout.

NFL Picks: Steelers -145


Bucs +150 vs. Panthers -170
Cam Newton is sidelined after news got out about his involvement in a car accident. Derek Anderson is to take over in the interim, which has caused NFL betting odds to drop on this game considerably. Opening as the -250 home favourites, Panthers are trading around -170 NFL odds depending on your preferred sportsbook. It's worth noting, Anderson led the Panthers to their opening 20-14 victory over the Bucs this season. He's a reliable enough backup quarterback and the team is sure to rally around him for the pivotal win in a wide open NFC South.

NFL Picks: Panthers -170


Redskins +230 vs. Giants -280
Giants are back to winning ways finally, snapping a seven-game losing streak at the expense of the hapless Titans. With that monkey off their back, they can relax into this game as the home favourites on the NFL odds board. This is another winnable game for the Giants and they should come through for NFL bettors this week. Redskins are a mess right now, on and off the field. Last week, they were held scoreless by the Rams. Midweek training reports revealed in-fighting and quarterback disputes....drama, drama, drama...yawn.

NFL Picks: Giants -280


Broncos -210 vs. Chargers +175
Broncos are the road favourites in their divisional showdown with the Chargers on Sunday. Broncos are coming off a 24-17 win over the Bills, a game in which Peyton Manning didn't throw a touchdown, ending his touchdown passing streak at 51 consecutive games. Philip Rivers succumbed to his sixth loss to Tom Brady and the Patriots in Sunday Night Primetime Football when the Chargers lost 23-14. This is a crucial game for both teams but if you'r going to put money down on a quarterback rising to the occasion, it has to be Peyton Manning. Shade the Broncos as the -210 SU favourites on your NFL betting card.

NFL Picks: Broncos -210


Jets -130 vs. Titans +110
Titans and Jets are both 2-11 SU this season. Titans are 1-5 SU at home while the Jets are 0-6 SU on the road. This game is a tossup by the numbers between two inept teams this season. If there were an edge that tips the balance towards the Jets, it's their run game. Titans have the worst rush defense in the league. Jets must fancy their chances for their third win this season, first on the road.

NFL Picks: Jets -130


Vikings +325 vs. Lions -450
Lions are 9-4 SU, a game behind the high-flying Packers in the NFC North. This is a must-win game for the Lions to continue pushing their bid for the postseason. They won their last two games quite convincingly and according to NFL betting trends they are in good shape to win this game for their backers. Lions are 6-1 SU at home with a 9.9-point margin of victory. Take the Lions on your NFL picks.

NFL Picks: Lions -450


Niners +350 vs. Seahawks -450
The Niners have sagged to a 7-6 SU record behind back-to-back losses that have left their backers perplexed and set the media mill churning with all manner of speculation about the futures of both Jim Harbaugh and Kaepernick. Niners aren't completely out of it yet, but they're teetering on the edge of a cliff and the Seahawks seem primed to nudge them over into the dark abyss. The loss to the hapless Raiders last week really takes the shine off their NFL odds. After such a loss, it's hard to turn around the next week and recommend the Niners on your NFL picks. Anything can happen in a divisional rivalry, of course. Even the unthinkable such as a complete turnaround by the Niners would most certainly be. But that's a risky play not for the fainthearted NFL bettor. The safe NFL pick is the surging  Seahawks behind a three-game winning streak and a 9-4 SU record on the season. Oh, what the hey. Let's chance the Niners, just to make things more interesting on our NFL picks sheet.

NFL Picks: Niners +350


Cowboys +150 vs. Eagles -170
Eagles beat the Cowboys two weeks ago on the road, a game that marked one of the worst accounts by Tony Romo and the Cowboys. After the 33-10 win, the Eagles will fancy their chances of repeating the success at the expense of the Cowboys. Eagles may be after a loss to the Seahawks in week 14 NFL betting, but  it's only their first home loss of the season, not to mention to the defending champions. Overall, they are 6-1 SU at home with a 12.3-point margin of victory. Cowboys are no pushovers on the road with a 6-0 SU record, which includes a 41-28 win over the Bears on Thursday. They are well-rested and better prepared this time around for their date with the Eagles than they were on the short week on Thanksgiving. In theory, this divisional clash with huge playoff implications could go either way. For our money, we're backing the hosts to bounce back in week 15 NFL betting.

NFL Picks: Eagles -170

Saints -150 vs. Bears +130
This game is a complete tossup on the NFL odds board. It's a rather tight NFL betting line for two of the most inconsistent, frustrating teams this season. Neither side is performing at their perceived weight class and NFL betting confidence is waning in proportion to their losses. Forced to make a choice, we'd rather put our money on Drew Brees than Jay Cutler. When it comes down to this pair, Cutler can be trusted to make more mistakes than Brees. What's more, Brandon Marshall is out for the rest of the season and that's a costly loss to the Bears. Take the Saints on your NFL picks, but don't go betting the farm on them.

NFL Picks: Saints -150

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