NFL Betting: NFL Trades & Free Agency Update

Jordan Sharp

Tuesday, March 26, 2013 5:32 PM UTC

Tuesday, Mar. 26, 2013 5:32 PM UTC

While NFL free agency is starting to die down a bit, there have still been some very nice signings by a few teams desperate for some help. Let’s take a look at a few of the more recent signings, and decide whether or not these guys changing teams will have an effect on the future NFL odds.

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Elvis Dumervil

We’ve been hearing a lot of backlash on this one, but Dumervil is leaving the Broncos and heading to the defending Super Bowl champions. Word is that the paperwork to restructure his deal was a few minutes late, but either way it looks as if he took more money to go to a worse team.

Dumervil is immediately going to fill in for the departed Paul Kruger at OLB/DE. It’s an upgrade in my eyes because I sincerely doubt Kruger is going to live up to the money they gave him in Cleveland. Dumervil signed for five years with a base salary of $26 million. On top of that, his cap hit this season is only $2.5 million, which is far less than what the Browns paid for Kruger.

While it looks as if the Denver Broncos are the big losers in this deal, the biggest seem to be the Browns, who now almost definitely overpaid for a pretty unproven commodity in Kruger. Once again, the Browns are showing themselves and their fans why they haven’t won anything in 50 years.

Ed Reed

After a lot of talk and a lot more speculating, Ed Reed is packing his bags and heading to Houston to play for the Texans. It seemed like the right move for Reed, who obviously has some good football remaining in him, and the Ravens were not going to compete for another Super Bowl any time soon.

Reed now gets closer to home (Louisiana) and closer to grabbing another Super Bowl ring. Reed will immediate fill the free safety position for the Texans, which was a huge position of need for the Texans this offseason. Now with a veteran to help lead the defense along with Brian Cushing (once he returns from injury) and JJ Watt, the Texans are looking like real contenders this season in an AFC that will be overshadowed by the Patriots and the Broncos. Don’t count out the Texans, who are now +550 to win the AFC and +1200 to win the Super Bowl nest season.


The New England Patriots are still the favorites to win the Super Bowl and the AFC despite what some news agencies and ignorant NFL fans will make you believe, and they have continued to make splashes in free agency. They resigned their right tackle Sebastian Vollmer for the next four seasons, they signed wide receivers Danny Amendola and Donald Jones, plus they resigned their two corners Aqib Talib and Kyle Arrington. All of these moves will continue to keep the Pats as the class of the AFC and the league. They are the NFL odds favorites at +275 to win the AFC and +650 to win the Super Bowl.
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