NFL Betting: NFL Draft Early Rounds Recap

Jordan Sharp

Sunday, April 28, 2013 8:43 PM UTC

Sunday, Apr. 28, 2013 8:43 PM UTC

The NFL Draft is well underway and we already have had some nice stories. Let's have a look at what has happened so far.

Will the NFL odds be shifted because of these picks; not immediately. Some of these guys however will be helping a team to a Super Bowl this season. Let’s take a look at some of the more headline grabbing picks and see if any of them will help in the future odds or game to game.

Big men up front

The beginning of the draft was all about the trenches. Three out of the first four picks were offensive tackles and six of the first 11 picks were offensive lineman. There wasn’t a whole lot of depth behind some of the top offensive lineman and it showed. Once three of the first four picks were tackles, teams started jumping at big lineman to protect their quarterbacks.

On the other side of the ball, the first round was full of defensive lineman as well. The third overall pick, Dion Jordan might become one of the league’s elite pass rushers, even though he is considered an OLB more than a DE. Other than him, eight other defensive linemen were taken were taken in the first round

Big names

For the first time in about forever, no running backs were taken in the first round of the draft. In fact, only one quarterback was taken in EJ Manuel to the Bills.

Even more interesting was the fact that both Manti T’eo and Geno Smith fell outside of the first round of the draft. We knew it was a possibility, but I don’t think many people called Manuel going ahead of Smith in the draft.

Te’o ended up going to the Chargers early in the second round, and Smith went right after him to the Jets at 37th overall.

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1st round trades

The first round was riddled with trades, some good and some bad. Only time will tell whether the trades were good or bad for either team, the one moving up or down. However some of them seemed a little suspect.

The first trade was the Raiders giving up the 3rd overall pick to the Dolphins. Miami only had to give up the 12th overall and the 42nd overall pick. I bet there were about 30 other teams screaming, “THAT”S ALL IT TOOK,” when they learned how little the Fins had to give up to move up to 3rd.

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The next trade pretty much explains my thinking. The Rams moved up to 8th overall to select Tavon Austin, a great WR who will fill in and likely eclipse Danny Amendola. However, they gave up the 16th, 46th, 78th and 222nd pick for it. Even though they didn’t need to move all the way up to 3rd, I think the Raiders are feeling pretty stupid right now. Either way, I think the Raiders feel stupid after every draft.

The 49ers were the next team to move up, and it wasn’t surprising considering how many pick they had accumulated. The 49ers moved up to 18th and selected Eric Reed, a likely fill in for Dashon Goldson who left during free agency. The Niners gave up the 31st and a 3rd round pick. Once again, likely some value. Guess who gave up the 18th overall pick for next to nothing America’s team the Cowboys made that bad move. Why do these teams give away picks for nothing?

The final trade of the first round was the biggest surprise, as the Vikings moved up to the 1st round for their third selection. Minnesota had already drafted Shariff Floyd and Xavier Rhodes, but they trade up to the Patriots spot and got Cordarelle Patterson. They gave up the 52nd, 83rd, 102nd, 229th. The Vikings are going all in, and it’s tough to do in a division that has at least two teams still better than you. We will see if the Vikings are setting themselves up for failure or success.

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