NFL Betting: NFC East Offense Report Card

Jordan Sharp

Friday, July 12, 2013 7:53 PM UTC

Friday, Jul. 12, 2013 7:53 PM UTC

The NFC East is one of the most mysterious divisions in all of football, and there are four very intriguing offenses in this division, all capable of big numbers.

So, does that mean there are four ‘A’s? Far from it, my friends. However there is some potential for value in the NFL odds for all four of these teams. Let’s take a brief look at all four of the teams and see which one has done all of their summer homework.

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New York Giants

The Giants have had the best offensive offseason by far in this division, and it shows. They are NFL Odds favorites or co-favorites at every book to win the division, and if they can stay healthy, this offense has a ton of upside. We have already seen it before, but this team has gotten better. They added Brandon Myers as an upgrade to the TE position, and even though they lost Ahmad Bradshaw, I doubt they were keen on bringing him back anyways. If their young rushers can hold onto the ball, they have a ton of upside. Both Andre Brown and David Wilson averaged 5 yards per carry in limited work backing up Bradshaw in 2012.

My Grade: B-

Washington Redskins

The big story out of Washington is obviously RG3, however that story has been told a thousand times this offseason, and will be told another thousand before the start of the regular season. Instead let’s focus on the other parts of their offense. They were #1 in the NFL in rushing thanks to Griffin and Alf Morris, but I can almost guarantee Griffin runs less than 120 times this upcoming season. They also are dealing with some other major injuries on offense. Newly resigned Fred Davis is coming back from a torn Achilles, and Pierre Garcon is still reportedly not healed from his foot issues a season ago. If these guys aren’t out there for RG3, this could be a huge regressing season for the Skins. They have done little this offseason because of how hampered they are financially.

My Grade: C

Dallas Cowboys

Dallas had a ton of problems on offense a season ago, but for the first time, Tony Romo was the least of their problems. Dez Bryant had a spectacular season as well, but the other three main weapons on offense for this team were disappointing. Jason Witten had another 100 catches, but he only found the end zone three times. Miles Austin had only 66 receptions on 118 targets last year, and he was constantly banged up. The biggest issue was DeMarco Murray’s health, and that is the biggest concern this season as well. If their running game can’t stay healthy, they might once again be in the bottom on the NFL in rushing.

My Grade: C+

Philadelphia Eagles

The Eagles might have been the most disappointing team of any in the NFL a season ago, but that doesn’t mean their 2013 looks any worse because of it. On contrary, it looks a little better than it did last season, but there needs to be patience. Chip Kelly is going to need some time, and Michael Vick may only be a one-year bandage this season. While they have done well in the draft, snagging three of their first four picks on offense, but they haven’t done any real free agent work on offense, and I think that really limits their potential as NFL picks.

My Grade: C-

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