NFL Betting: NFC East Odds Update & Look Ahead to Super Bowl 50

Nikki Adams

Friday, December 11, 2015 11:46 PM UTC

Friday, Dec. 11, 2015 11:46 PM UTC

The NFC edges the AFC slightly in Super Bowl 50 Winning Conference odds. What chance is there a team from the NFC East would emerge champions, thereby underscoring the NFL betting outlook? Let’s find out.

NFC East To Win Division
As it is, it’s anybody’s guess which team from the NFC East will claim the title, never mind postseason upside. Washington Redskins are atop the division but mired in a three-way tie with the Philadelphia Eagles and NY Giants, all on a 5-7 SU mark. Dallas Cowboys, meanwhile, prop up the division with a 4-9 SU mark but they have the slight edge with a 3-2 divisional mark.

Last season, it was the NFC South to be dubbed anaemic, wholly inconsistent and off colour. The Carolina Panthers eventually emerged divisional winners with a subpar 7-9 SU mark. Clearly, with four games left on the season it’s very possible that a team with a losing record will win the NFC East title and swan into the playoffs to pit their wares against some of the best teams in the NFL.

To look at the NFL betting outlook for the NFC East is to find some dissymmetry with the current hierarchy (See Table 1). Current leaders Redskins trail behind the tandem of the Giants and Eagles.



This deep-seeded NFL betting outlook springs from preconceived notions and established credentials. Mainly, two-time champions NY Giants, who’ve won the Super Bowl with Tom Coughlin and Eli Manning have the edge on +240 NFL odds. The Philadelphia Eagles are tied on +240 NFL odds as well, mainly down to their massive win over the New England Patriots on the road in week 13 NFL betting. It’s no mean feat to defeat the defending champions on their stomping ground.

Naturally, the Washington Redskins are still very much part of the NFC narrative, trailing just a fraction behind the top tandem. However, their loss to the Dallas Cowboys in MNF betting on Monday takes the shine off of them despite their promising NFL odds. By that same token, in shines the spotlight on the Dallas Cowboys as the long shots at +333 NFL odds. Seeing as nobody is in any hurry to win the NFC East title with a commanding effort, a divisional edge (they currently have a 3-2 edge) could prove deciding down the stretch in the event of a multiple tie when all is said and done.

In fact, simple maths reveals a real possibility that all four teams could end with a 6-10 SU record. This would require the top tandem losing three of their last four games while the Cowboys would win two of their last four games. Not so hard to believe really given their poor form overall this season, is it?  In the event of a four-way tie, the team with the best head-to-head percentage would win the title – which at the moment the Cowboys are leading.

Hard though it may be to believe now, one of these delinquents will make the playoffs. What happens then is anybody’s guess yet again.


To Win NFC Conference
The NFC is stacked deep with viable contenders, from the undefeated Carolina Panthers to the hot Arizona Cardinals, the former champions Seattle Seahawks and fan favorite Green Bay Packers. Any NFC East export will in all likelihood have to go through at least one if not two of those heavyweights en route to the Conference Championships.The  Seattle Seahawks are currently the sixth seed in the race for a wild card spot, trailing behind the fifth seeded Minnesota Vikings, who are playing solid football.



Given that the NFC East title is yet to be decided and nobody, not even odds makers, can make heads or tails of it with four games left on the season, all four teams are trading commensurably on the NFL odds board. What’s more, seeing as the winner of the division is likely to end up seeded fourth, all four teams are trading on somewhat generous NFL odds. If three was one team that was widely accepted as the dangerous floater in the group, it’s the NY Giants. They’ve defied the NFL odds on two previous occasions to win the SuperBowl, doing it even at the expense of an undefeated New England Patriots a few years back.


How Does the NFC East Stack Up in Super Bowl 50 Betting?
That sentiment about the NY Giants and their dangerous floating ways isn’t immediately obvious on the Super Bowl 50 odds board as they are priced well behind some of their NFC counterparts, including current fifth seeds Minnesota Vikings (+3500) and sixth seeds Seattle Seahawks (+900), the latter of which for obvious reasons – Super Bowl 48 winners and Super Bowl 49 runners up – have a significant edge.



NFL Betting Verdict: Will Cinderella Reach the Ball?
They do say the postseason is an entirely different ball game. What happens in the regular season matters not anymore, it’s just a means to an end. The postseason is where the real contenders separate from the pretenders and it’s not unusual for a Cinderella on the season to emerge.

If the shoe were to fit: the Giants could be the season’s Cinderella. A team from the NFC East to pull off the unthinkable given their proven championship credentials (two Super Bowls). That sort of experience counts and it would put them in much better stead in the playoffs than if for example the Redskins with unproven Kirk Cousins, the Eagles with inconsistent Sam Bradford and the Cowboys with backup Matt Cassel clinched the title.Make no mistake, it's still a long shot NFL pick at +6600 NFL odds for the Giants to win Super Bowl 50. So keep that in mind.

Insofar as the Giants getting a crack at Super Bowl 50 is concerned, it rests on winning the divisional title obviously. At this point, following their latest debacle against the Jets, it would take a brave soul to put money down on the Giants to take that first step, never mind run away with the championship title.

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