NFL Betting: Indianapolis Colts Offense Report Card

Jordan Sharp

Friday, July 5, 2013 6:13 PM UTC

Friday, Jul. 5, 2013 6:13 PM UTC

Let’s take a brief look back and a deeper look forward and grade out this offense and what it will look like when the season comes.

The Colts came out of almost nowhere last season, and were one game away from winning the division with a rookie under center. This season the Colts are stacked against much tougher NFL odds, but the talent on this team offensively and defensively has gotten a lot better. 

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2012 recap

The Colts were one Week 15 win away from an AFC South division title, but they fell short. The Colts made a valiant effort against the Ravens in the first round of the playoffs, but the eventual champs’ defense was too good, holding the Colts without a touchdown, and only nine points on the game. While it was still a loss, I can’t think of a more perfect season for the Colts last year under the circumstances. Luck broke Cam Newton’s rookie passing yards record, and they made the playoffs and went 11-5 SU a year after having the worst record in the NFL.

Now that they have a year under Luck, this offense is naturally going to get better, but the Colts didn’t stop there. They have made even more improvements to this offense, making it go from really good, to close to elite.

Question marks

This is a short section for the Colts, because most of their questions revolve around the other side of the ball, and how they have improved, but the offense has some slight concerns heading into the season. Luck could easily fall into the trap of a sophomore slump next year. We already saw last year that he was turnover prone, and if Luck doesn’t stop trying to make throws that aren’t there, better defenses will pick him off with regularity once again.

Other than that, the health and productivity of their running game is a bit of a concern, but a lot of those fears were put to rest with the signing of one very important piece this offseason for the Colts. It’s a piece that could very well give them an ‘A’, but it could also get them to the AFC Title.

Offensive grades

Late in free agency, and after the last article I wrote about the Colts, they added Ahmad Bradshaw to an already deep backfield. Bradshaw will likely take over the #1 back duties from Vick Ballard and Donald Brown, and if he can stay healthy (which is always a big if surrounding Bradshaw) this offense has just added their loan-missing piece. Bradshaw is a career 4.6 yards per carry guy, and even though he might get banged up some, (921 career carries) the Colts now have the depth in the backfield to recover.

The Colts also added Darius Heyward-Bay to an already good duo of Reggie Wayne and TY Hilton. These passing options should once again be huge for Luck this season. All in all, this team has done the work, they have put in the time, and I can almost guarantee they will have a pretty good season. Don’t hesitate to add them to your NFL picks this season.

My Grade: A

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