NFL Betting Guide: Teasers vs. Pleasers

Jordan Sharp

Monday, July 14, 2014 2:51 PM UTC

Monday, Jul. 14, 2014 2:51 PM UTC

While teasers can be used almost every NFL week to help gain profit from NFL odds that are off, the pleaser is more lucrative, but much riskier. Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of both to start to gear up for the NFL Preseason. 


Teasers can be used and abused, but the key to betting teasers in the NFL is knowing the numbers. You can’t just place your sports pick on any two or three big favorites and assume that giving them six or seven points is going to do anything for you. You have to bet strategically with it. For instance, if you are really high on a team that is a -6 favorite, teasing them down to a pick em might not be a bad idea. However taking a -14 favorite down to -8 along with that isn’t as smart because -8 isn’t that much better than -14.

You need to follow the basic rule of using your six or seven points to get your team past key final margins in the NFL. 3, 4, 6, 7, 10, 13 and so on are the most common football final scoring margins. If you can use your six points to potentially go from +4 ½  to +10 ½, it’s normally a pretty good advantage to you. It not only covers +6, but +7 and +10 as well. However this can be very tempting, and the biggest problem people face is getting greedy.

A normal straight wager is -110, and betting a two-team six-point teaser in the NFL odds is normally a -110 wager as well. The seven-team teasers are most of the time too much, however the payout of around +900 sometimes can blind bettors from how much of a sucker bet they are paying into. The NFL is so unpredictable, and staying within four or five teams for teasers is normally a good rule to follow. A five-team teaser is normally a +400 payout, which is much easier to attain and still a nice payday. Keep your teaser betting under control.


Pleasers are also known as reverse teasers in the betting world, and in the NFL odds they are potentially dangerous and potentially very profitable at the same time. Pleasers take the advantages given to the bettor in a teaser and gives them to the sportsbook in exchange for a potentially NFL odds payout.

An example of a pleaser would be if we have the Patriots at -6 ½, along with the Bengals as a pick em’. In a pleaser, we could net an 8/1 payout if we hit, however in a pleaser, the Patriots would have to cover -13 ½, while the Bengals would have to win by a touchdown.

This is not an impossible NFL pick to achieve on some weeks, however after you get past two teams, and maybe three, the advantages go soaring back to the sportsbooks. Sometimes any more than a two-team pleaser is wasting your money. However I can see why it is so enticing to bet several teams in a pleaser.  A three-team pleaser pays out at +2500, while a four team pleaser pays out at +6000. However in either case, if you follow the the rules set forth here, you’ll be more successful. Keep the amount of teams under control, and always look for those special football numbers that you can cover with both teasers and pleasers. 

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