NFL Betting: Game-by-Game O/U Picks For All Week 4 Games

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Nikki Adams

Wednesday, September 28, 2016 4:38 PM UTC

Wednesday, Sep. 28, 2016 4:38 PM UTC

What’s our position on total betting lines in week 4? Find out in this comprehensive game-by-game preview where we serve up free NFL picks and the best current total odds to spot.

Week 3 NFL betting Recap
For a second straight week, our totals did so-so. It’s early days yet. Teams are only just finding their groove and identity while others are displaying awful inconsistency, the latter of which admittedly wreaked havoc with our NFL picks across the board.

Three weeks into the season the sample-size grows for each team, more games and matchups to diagnose and get a measure of how offenses and defenses stack up. Should make for better NFL week 4 picks down the road.


Nikki Adams Week 3 NFL Picks SU, ATS, and Totals:
Week 3 SU: 7-9-0 (Overall Season: 32-16-0)
Week 3 ATS: 8-8-0 (Overall Season: 32-16-0)
Week 3 Total:  6-10-0 (Overall Season 22-25-1)


Thursday, September 29, 2016

Dolphins vs. Bengals
Dolphins got off to a good start on the defensive side of the ball when they held the Seahawks to a 12-10 victory. Since then, they’ve allowed 55 points against. What’s most concerning, 24 of those points came against a Browns team that was offensively challenged, so said the experts. Over the course of these three games. Tannehill has only scored 5 TDS with 4 INT and he was sacked six times. Bengals have some concerns with Andy Dalton’s meagre production with 2TDS, 2 INT and a whopping 12 sacks to his name. He’s getting the yards just not converting on them meaningfully. Some allowances need to be made for a new offensive scheme and a tough schedule with dates against the Jets, Steelers, and Broncos. If the Browns can put up 24 points and give the Dolphins a right scare, the Bengals, who are, arguably, a much better team than their current 1-2 SU record implies, could finally click.

Free NFL Picks: Over 44 (-115) 
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Sunday, October 2, 2016

Colts vs. Jaguars (LONDON)
Indianapolis Colts have put up 81 points and conceded 95 points over three games. That’s an average of 27 points scored and 31.67 conceded. If those numbers alone hold true then this game should easily crack the 49-point total currently trading. Consider the Jaguars have scored 54 points and conceded 84 points over three games it only adds to this notion this game will run the total.

Free NFL Picks: Over 48.5 -115
Best Line Offered: at Pinncle

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Titans vs. Texans
The Texans are consistently cashing on the UNDER. Three games and 0-3-0 OVER record tells the tale of a solid defense and an offense that doesn’t need to do much. Well, that was true for the first two games of the season. Last week’s blowout in New England was a departure that Houston fans would much rather put behind them. The Titans, meanwhile, are 1-2-0 in OVER/UNDER betting with their last two games featuring just 26 points scored and 32 points conceded. Offensively the Titans are struggling and given the Texans defense looms on the horizon that could prove to be the case once again.

Free NFL Picks: Under 41
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Browns vs. Redskins
The Browns scored 24 points against a respectable Dolphins defense in week 3 with Cody Kessler making his debut. It was the best offensive account by the Browns following Josh McCown’s effort in week 2. Defensively, the Browns leak points like a sieve and already are up to 84 points conceded. The Redskins are not too far behind. Actually, the opposite they’ve scored 62 and conceded 92. Given these contrasting stats on the offensive and defensive sides of the ball in each camp this game has the potential of becoming a rollicking affair in the nation’s capital.

Free NFL Picks: Over 45. -110 
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Seahawks vs. Jets
Considering the offensive question marks hanging over both teams, the NFL betting line is rather low. Bookies roll out a 40-point total almost unanimously but, already, it looks to be trending lower. Just Bet hangs this game on 39.5-points. Russell Wilson is a question mark while Fitzpatrick, who is coming off a career worst performance, might be without Decker and Marshall. That points to a defensive-minded game, a war of attrition.

Free NFL Picks: Under 40 -110 
Best Line Offered: at TheGreek

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Bills vs. Patriots
The Bills finally found an offensive rhythm and rode the momentum to victory over the Cardinals. It remains to be seen whether that was a one-off performance, aided along by Carson Palmer’s awful account highlighted by four interceptions. The Patriots, meanwhile, continue to defy the NFL odds and expectations no matter who the quarterback is or who lines up on either side of the ball. Patriots are averaging 27 points scored per game and conceding 15 points per game, although the latter is skewed heavily by the 27-0 victory over the Texans in week 3. Looking at the first two games, the average conceded was 22.5-points per game.

Free NFL Picks: Over 43.5 -110 
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Panthers vs. Falcons
Matt Ryan and the Falcons are soaring behind back-to-back wins and according to the stats, they are the top offense in total offense, backing it up with the most points scored per game at 34.7. There’s an argument to be had about the quality of the defenses they’ve faced so far and the Panthers defense being better than those which will make it harder for Ryan to put up such dizzying numbers. How good are the Panthers this season, really? Panthers are 1-2 SU all while putting up 75 points and conceding 70 through three games, which yields an average of 25 points scored per game and 23.33 conceded per game. However, 46 points were gained against a questionable Niners side in week 2. Clearly, the Panthers can light up against questionable teams.

Free NFL Picks: Over 49.5 -104
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Raiders vs. Ravens
The Ravens are 1-2-0 in OVER/UNDER betting thanks to their defense that is holding offenses to meagre deposits on the scoreboard. Most recently, they held a highly-touted Jaguars offense to just 17 points. The Raiders were drawn into shootouts with the Saints and Falcons that combined for 68 points scored and 69 conceded. Against a tougher Titans defense on the road they were held to a 17-10 triumph. Ravens defense looms large and it’ll be a challenge for the Raiders offense to get going.

Free NFL Picks: Under 46.5 -110 
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Lions vs. Bears
When the Lions get going they get going. For a second game, this season Matthew Stafford and the Lions lit up and scored 25 points or more. The Bears offense just can’t seem to get anything going and the defense is atrocious leaking on average 30 points per game. If the Bears don’t shore up and get it together this could prove to be a blowout at Soldier Field.

Free NFL Picks: Over 46 -110 
Best Line Offered: at SportsInteraction

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Broncos vs. Buccaneers
The Denver Broncos have a perfect 3-0-0 OVER record through three games thanks to an offense that can't seem to do any wrong with Trevor Siemian and a defense that not only looms large but turns big plays into scoring opportunities. That’s strength on both sides of the ball that simply can’t be overlooked. The same can’t be said of the Bucs defense that has allowed a whopping 101 points through three games. This could get ugly in Tampa if the Bucs don’t fix the holes in their defense and take the pressure off Jameis Winston and the O-line.

Free NFL Picks: Over 42.5 -110 
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Rams vs. Cardinals
The Rams found their offense in week 3 and reeled off 37 points to defeat the Bucs at home. The Cardinals misplaced their offense somewhere between Phoenix and Buffalo and lost a rip-roaring affair 33-18 to the Bills. Who are the Rams? The side that barely scored any points in the first two games? Or last week’s offensive juggernaut. Who are the Cardinals? The team that looked woeful against the Patriots and Bills or the side that proved to be an offensive juggernaut in week 2. Heck, do you know what these two sides have in common? They both blew out the Bucs for a combined 77 points. We’re on the fence with this game in every sense. Put it this way, the Rams offense is still not convincing us and we’d wager the 37-point score fest had a lot to do with the issues the Bucs have on defense (same goes for the Cards to some extent and their 40-7 win over the Bucs). Push comes to shove, we’re going with the UNDER on our NFL picks but feeling no joy.

Free NFL Picks: Under 43 -105 
Best Line Offered: at Heritage

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Saints vs. Chargers
Drew Brees and Philip Rivers have a lot in common. Willing their offenses forward and putting up the points, only to watch their defenses undo most of the work they accomplish. Everything about this game suggests a shootout in the Bay Area between two very unpredictable teams. Predictably, this is the highest total on offer right now at 53.5-points.

Free NFL Picks: Over 53 -110
Best Line Offered: at 5Dimes

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Cowboys vs. Niners
The Cowboys are coming off a 31-17 win over the Bears while the Niners are coming off 37-18 loss to the Seahawks. Since week 1, the Niners defense has allowed 83 points in two games for an average of 41.5 per game. Yikes. If that trend alone holds true this game should crack the 46-point total easily. Niners right now are a mess and Blaine Gabbert is unreliable at offense. Dak Prescott is gaining admirers in the league and it’s easy to understand why people are buying what he’s selling.

Free NFL Picks: OVER 44.5 -105
Best Line Offered: at Heritage

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Chiefs vs. Steelers
The Steelers are coming off one of their worst offensive accounts in recent memory. Three points scored in last week’s loss takes a lot of the shine off of the Steelers’ offense. That said, it’s important not to overreact where Big Ben and the Steelers are concerned. They have bounce-back ability and LeVeon Bell is slated to return next week. Prior to the date with the Eagles, the Steelers were conceding just 16 points per game and the offense was averaging 31 points. Indeed, put those numbers together and you have this week’s total of (16+31=47). Kansas City Chiefs defense, meanwhile, has shored up since week 1 and the near debacle against the Chargers. That said their numbers are a bit skewed after the 24-3 win over the Jets in week 3 NFL betting that was aided quite significantly by Fitzpatrick’s six interceptions.

Free NFL Picks: Over 47 -110 
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Giants vs. Vikings
The Giants and Vikings collide in MNF this week for a game that should be intense between these two NFC rivals. The Vikings are playing some of the best defense this season and Sam Bradford is doing his part to lead the team to victory on offense. The Giants are a mixed bag and coming off a defeat to NFC East rivals Washington at home. Both sides boast a 1-2-0 OVER record on the season, but since the addition of Sam Bradford the Vikings have scored UNDER in their last two games 17-14 win over the Packers and 22-10 win over the Panthers, two offenses that were stifled by the Vikings defense in a big way.

Free NFL Picks: Under 43.5 -110 
Best Line Offered: at Bet365

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