NFL Betting: Free Agency & NFL Trades Update

Jordan Sharp

Thursday, February 28, 2013 8:46 PM UTC

Thursday, Feb. 28, 2013 8:46 PM UTC

Let’s take a look at some of the contract talks, trades and free agent buzz going on in the NFL, a little more than 2 weeks until the official start of free agency. Have any teams moved up in the odds makers?

While nothing is set in stone until the league’s player transaction moratorium is lifted in March 12th, but there have already been several key offseason moves that need noting.

Brady restructures, makes Patriots even more dangerous

I’ve spent a lot of time talking about the Patriots this offseason, and for good reason. They are still the favorites to win the Super Bowl at +600, and big news out of Boston might just drive that number down. Tom Brady has agreed to restructure his contract to lower his salary cap hit to the team over the next three seasons. He also picks up some more guaranteed money if he gets hurt.

Now we are talking about another $5 million or more to spend immediately for New England this offseason on free agents. This immediately puts Wes Welker back in the sights of resigning, and possibly even more help on the outside if they decide to let Brandon Lloyd go. The potential is close to limitless.

49ers trade Smith to KC

This trade is going to immediately help out both squads. Alex Smith is likely better and definitely more accomplished than any quarterback the Chiefs could have drafted with the 34th overall pick this year, and the 49ers just added another huge piece to their deep arsenal of draft picks in the upcoming draft.

So I’m not ready to put the Chiefs in the playoffs, but with a new coach and a new quarterback, this team could be a very good bet ATS this season game to game.

On the flip side, the 49ers aren’t going to possibly use all of their picks this season. I could see them either trying to lure a team to trade them some proven assets for draft picks, or more likely, using some of their 2nd and 3rd round pick(s) to trade up into the first round if someone they like falls around the 12 or 13 range. For San Francisco especially, this draft could land them some key pieces to finally put them over the top. Or landing the guy I’m about to talk about could do it as well. The Niners are currently +800, right behind New England.

Revis on the block

Probably the biggest story this offseason that is not being talked about is the Darrelle Revis trade rumors. If he somehow finds his way onto a contender like the 49ers, it might just be enough to at least have two favorites in San Francisco and New England to win it all.

The entire buzz around Revis right now is coming out of San Francisco, and as I just talked about, they have the picks to pull something off. There is still plenty of time for teams to throw around deals and ideas until free agency and the draft are here. Whoever lands Revis is going to have a jump in the future NFL odds.

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