NFL Betting: AFC East Offense Report Card

Jordan Sharp

Monday, July 1, 2013 3:45 PM UTC

Monday, Jul. 1, 2013 3:45 PM UTC

No team wants to fail in the offseason, but we have a few teams in the AFC East that could be in danger of doing just that.

Let’s take a brief look at the AFC East and all four team’s offenses, and see what kind of shape they are in going into training camp here in a few weeks. Will some of these issues have an effect positively or negatively in the NFL odds?

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New England Patriots

The Pats have been hit more by bad luck than by mismanagement this summer, but that can affect one’s offseason grades as well. The Pats were a bright spot last season on offense. They had one of the most dynamic and deadly offenses the league had last season, but free agency, injury and the criminal justice system have dismantled this offense this summer.

Wes Welker, Brandon Lloyd and Danny Woodhead are all gone. These three guys accounted for almost 2500 of Brady’s 4800 passing yards a season ago. On top of that, Aaron Hernandez likely will never play football again, and Rob Gronkowski is still on the mend from his back issues. All in all, about 80% of Brady’s offense from a season ago is either gone or injured. Things are not looking good in New England, but the signing of Danny Amendola makes the Pats just above the fail line this summer.

My Grade: C-

Miami Dolphins

Contrary to their divisional foe, the Dolphins have been making nice improvements to their offense. Ryan Tannehill looks to actually have some weapons to throw to this season, a year after throwing for only 3300 yards, 12 touchdowns and 13 interceptions. The additions of Dustin Keller, Brandon Gibson and Mike Wallace will do nothing but bolster a budding passing game in Miami.

The only thing keeping this team from an 'A' grade is their running game. Reggie Bush is now a Lion, and Lamar Miller and Daniel Thomas look like the two that will take over in the backfield. Neither have great track records for various reasons, but the additions to the passing game are going to make this offense a lot better than a season ago.

My Grade: B+

New York Jets

What else can be said about the Jets other than a very sarcastic "Wow!"? The Jets look destined for another season of offensive ineptitude, and even after a season where he committed 32 turnovers, Mark Sanchez looks in line to at the very least start the season as the Jets QB once again. You can throw out the fact that they lost Shon Greene, they have no receivers outside of Santonio Holmes, and that the right side of their offensive line is still in question, if Sanchez has another hint of a season like last year, he will be gone before their Week 10 bye week. Looking at their schedule, I’d say the odds of that happening are in our favor.

My Grade: D+

Buffalo Bills

Buffalo is an interesting team. Their rushing game was already great, and they have some weapons in the receiving department. However their QB question mark is the biggest concern this season. If stability at the QB position happens sometime for Buffalo, they could be somewhat of an NFL picks sleeper this season. I could see their team having a lot of value if either Kevin Kolb or EJ Manuel make an early play for the starting job.

On offense though, they haven’t done much to help it out. It didn’t need much help outside of the quarterback position anyway, but the Bills have chosen to focus more on defense than offense this offseason, making it hard to give them a grade any higher than average this offseason.

My Grade: C

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