NFC East: Cowboys Nor Eagles Worthy of Super Bowl Future Picks

David Lawrence

Monday, December 8, 2014 9:50 PM UTC

Monday, Dec. 8, 2014 9:50 PM UTC

The NFC East has two 9-4 teams but it’s possible one of them doesn’t go to the playoffs. That makes handicapping their Super Bowl futures a bit of a challenge. Nonetheless, let’s crunch the numbers and see if any team in the division is worth a Super Bowl bet

Who’s In Contention?
The Dallas Cowboys and the Philadelphia Eagles are the only two teams worth considering from this division. After Week 14, the New York Giants are 4-9 and the Washington Redskins are 3-10, so both won’t be going to the playoffs.


Can The Cowboys Win It All?
Likely not. Is it possible? Sure. Is it likely to happen? No.

The Cowboys are a team that’s slowly been fading and that hasn’t be a concern for head coach Jason Garrett. Remember, this team started 6-1 and at one point, was in contention for the top seed in the NFC. However, they’ve gone just 3-3 since and if the playoffs started today, they would be on the outside looking in. Although they still control their own destiny, we know how the Cowboys usually do it in December. Up next on their schedule is a visit to Philadelphia. If they can win that, there’s a good chance they win the NFC East and head to the playoffs. If not, they’re all but finished. The Cowboys also have a challenging Week 16 contest when Andrew Luck and the Indianapolis Colts come to visit.

The Cowboys are a decent team but this is a tough conference. And the problem is that they’re trending in the wrong direction. They’re not hot right now. They’re shaky. Can you genuinely see this team going on the road to Green Bay or Seattle and winning a playoff game? Not likely. With Garrett and Tony Romo running the show here, this team is more likely to do something calamitous than achieve excellence. That’s why it’s not worth it to invest on their Futures to win the Super Bowl here.


Can The Eagles Win It All?
The Eagles, by virtue of their Thanksgiving win in Dallas, have the tiebreaker with Dallas, which therefore they hold a playoff spot these days. But the question here is do you want to bet this team to go the distance? At this point, you’d have to say no.

The truth is that while Mark Sanchez has filled in admirably for Nick Foles, the Eagles just aren’t the same team they were earlier in the season. They won five of six to start the year. Since then, they are just 4-3. They can’t seem to get a consistent ground game going as LeSean McCoy’s rushing stats have been very erratic. Beyond that, they can’t seem to cut out the turnovers. On Sunday, they had two more giveaways to add to their league-leading 30. Do you really want to bet on the futures of a team that can’t run the ball and turns it over more than anyone else? Come playoff time, that sounds like a recipe for disaster.

The Eagles are a tantalizing team as they score a lot of points and move the ball quite fluidly. However, with a backup quarterback running the show and a number of other major flaws, you’d be wise to avoid your NFL picks on their futures for now. 

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