Moreno to Provide Relief for Manning's Arm: Super Bowl Picks

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Wednesday, January 29, 2014 3:52 PM UTC

Wednesday, Jan. 29, 2014 3:52 PM UTC

We know the Seahawks have "Beast Mode" on their side, but have we all forgotten about the highly effective Knowshon Moreno? Does Moreno offer an edge for the Broncos in NFL betting?

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Moreno a Threat?

Beast Mode. It’s a phrase we have heard throughout the regular season and more often now that the Super Bowl is looming. Marshawn Lynch is the most feared runner outside of Adrian Peterson and maybe even including Adrian Peterson. How will the middling Denver defense handle the ground assault that is certain to come in the form of the bulldozing, tackle-busting destroyer that is Marshawn Lynch? The Seattle ground game will be at the core of their offensive attack and the entire football world is debating how successful he will be once the ball kicks.

However, there is a counter to this equation. There is a man standing in the shadows of this discussion who may be the betting edge that Denver fans and punters alike are counting on to take the heat off Manning and keep this relentless Seattle pass rush honest. His name is Knowshon Moreno and he is the Denver Broncos running back who can make things mighty interesting if he is to gain any traction on Sunday. And if the weather is bitterly cold with the winds whipping at 15 miles per hour then you will see less passing and more running. Sounds like the perfect recipe for a Seahawks victory but Knowshon Moreno may have something to say about that.

Moreno is a classy back who rushed for over 1000 yards this season. In addition to being a formidable rusher he is also a multipurpose back who can stand up a blitzing linebacker or become a safety valve for Manning to throw to out of the backfield. It would be hard concept to swallow that Moreno will take the rock and simply shred a Seahawks run defense that has been stout all season. However, his ability to catch and run may catch Seattle off-guard which could allow the Denver running game to open up.

While considering your NFL picks and the betting edges that each team may hold, don’t overlook the potential that Knowshon Moreno brings to the table. Maybe even a few bucks would be a wise wager on Over all-purpose yardage for the talented Bronco running back? If Moreno gets the motor running early, expect the Denver Broncos to be hoisting the Lombardi Trophy later.

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