Lions vs. Chargers NFL Picks: San Diego Won't Contain Detroit's Prolific Offense

Nikki Adams

Wednesday, September 9, 2015 10:29 PM UTC

Wednesday, Sep. 9, 2015 10:29 PM UTC

Before placing your NFL picks at your choice sports betting proprietor, find out why taking the Detroit Lions plus the 3-points might be the smart move.

Detroit Lions At Disadvantage
The Detroit Lions hit the road in week 1 NFL betting to take on the San Diego Chargers. On balance, this pair is commensurate; both teams pack a nice punch and have plenty to recommend them, yet both aren’t exactly deemed top competitors in the league. They belong to that group that is a rung below the so-called heavyweights and consensus favorites across sports betting platforms for Super Bowl 50. As a result, these matchups can be some of the most difficult to predict and, in turn, handicap.

As it is, the Lions enter this game as the +135 underdogs to win outright and they are nestled on a field-goal line with the Chargers (home faves at -155 to win outright) to the good. As much as the Chargers are the deserved favorites, there’s no reason to assume that the Lions can’t spring the surprise in San Diego either.

The Detroit Lions are coming off a stellar 11-5 SU season in which they were just one game away from winning the NFC North title and upsetting divisional favorites Green Bay Packers. In fact, it was a 30-20 loss to the Packers in week 17 of the season that saw them cede the title to their lofty counterparts at Lambeau Field.

The loss of Ndamukong Suh to the Miami Dolphins has had a major impact on how the Lions are perceived this season and what their chances of becoming a bona fide contender in the NFC North are. But it’s not as if they didn’t do anything to fill the gap. What’s more, why isn’t anyone paying attention to their offense? It’s not shabby at all.

On the contrary, it’s pretty good. If not downright scary with the likes of Calvin Johnson and Golden Tate terrorising opponents. Matthew Stafford may have his issues in clutch games (let’s not dwell on ancient history), but he’s still a good overall quarterback. Importantly, one that can be relied upon in games that are deemed winnable (such as this one is, make no mistake).


San Diego Chargers Flatter To Deceive
Too often, the San Diego Chargers flatter to deceive. With each passing year that begins so promisingly, the Chargers seem to fall short of the mark somewhere, be it in the regular season or, on the rare occasion (when they actually qualify), in the playoffs. Somehow they find a way to disappoint their fans. To add insult to injury, the franchise is flirting with moving to Los Angeles.

The Chargers finished 9-7 SU last season but it wasn’t enough to go to the playoffs. After starting the season brightly behind a 5-1 SU record, they completely lost the plot and went on to lose 6 of their last ten games. (It’s worth mentioning, they opened the season on a narrow 18-17 loss to the Cardinals on the road, a side that boasts a stout defense).That disappointing run towards the end of the 2014-2015 season however didn’t prevent Philip Rivers getting what he wanted. Which, not surprisingly, is the subject of a lot of attention.

All eyes are sure to be trained on the starting quarterback, who after an offseason riddled with speculation about a potential transfer signed a huge extension with the franchise. If the organisation came out of the pocket so, it’s only natural that expectations are going to swell in proportion to the $ signs. What’s more, his performance is going to be stringently measured against the investment; meaning NFL betting circles are sure to overflow with assessments of the value of Rivers’ investment quotient one way or another. Perhaps, right from the off if the Chargers somehow tank in week 1 NFL betting.


NFL Betting Verdict
It wouldn’t do to splash so much cash on a quarterback if he can’t get them over the hump and into the playoffs, obviously. Then again, where is it written that the NFL or individual franchises always make sound decisions? Just because the Chargers made a big gesture towards Philip Rivers doesn’t mean the season is going to be bright. The pressure is still on the Chargers to prove themselves contenders in the league. Not to mention placate their fans, who are still getting over the disastrous end to last term and reeling with the potential move to Los Angeles by the end of this season.

It doesn’t help matters that week 1 of the NFL betting season pits them against the Lions, who are no slouches on either side of the ball. The Chargers have lost in opening week in the last two seasons and that NFL betting trend could continue with an opening loss to the Lions. You heard it here first. Take the Lions as the 3-point road underdogs with your NFL picks and at +135 NFL odds for the road upset.

NFL Picks: Lions +3 and at +135 to win outright at 5Dimes

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